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Hi. I've been having a read through the diaries etc on here and seen some great results and menus.I've got an Atkins book from a few years ago(never been read)so hoping it hasn't changed too much. Tomorrow's gonna be day one for me. Finger's crossed i can do this. Feeling quite scared but excited at the same time.Been on every diet going and then some!! I'm off work following an op so got plenty of time to read up and get to grips with all the info on here. I'm sure i'll have lots of questions and would be very grateful for any tips and support. Thanks
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This is for life
Hi and welcome:). Good luck and post here if you need any help and advice!
Woo hoo another wee newbie like me :) I just started a couple of days ago and I am loving the food but the evil wine got me :(
Good luck with your fresh start! People on here are so lovely they will help a lot :)
Thanks. Bad stuff that wine but you got straight back on the diet. I'd be needing toast and Marmite next morning so maybe i'm best avoiding alcohol for now. How are you finding it? Are you missing the carbs?
Well here goes. Day one and feeling very positive. Think today will be pretty basic foods til i get my head round it all and have a good look at the recipes. Keeping a diary will not only help me keep track of the foods but of the highs and lows i'll feel too. I think for me dieting's as much about what goes on in my head as in my mouth if that makes sense. Anyway fingers crossed for a great first day:)
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Heres the site I got the recipe for pizza from :) There are lots of yummy recipes on there! I just hand them to hubby cos I cant cook lol!
I am not missing the carbs yet! I have been doing atkins for a month without the book but just started doing it to the letter a few days ago. Hope your first day goes well for you x


This is for life
Evening - hope you had a good first day:D


Determined to succeed!
Welcome! Any questions just yell :)

SD xx
Morning Fresh and welcome :)
Morning all. What a miserable horrible day!Thanks for all the replies,love it on here. Day one went well (well i think it did). Think i'll start a food diary today then you can tell me if i'm doing ok. Yesterday was

B:Bacon and eggs
L:Tuna and green salad
T:Lamb with cabbage,cauli and green beans

Missed snacking on fruit and yogurts. What do you do? Gonna make sugar free jelly today but not sure if that will do it for me
Hi and welcome!

Im a cheese lover too! you can have upto 4oz a day which isnt bad,I always save a bit for the evening and have it over a fried egg or grate some into a mim.
Good luck x
I have been just snacking on sugar free jelly (tescos one which I hope is ok) if I am desperate for a wee snack :) I made crisps from a little bit of cheese just now and they were nice and crunchy :)
Your menu looks good you are doing better than me with the veg lol xxx
Luckily i love veg but not the same without gravy. Sure there'll be something i can have. Bit more reading i think but getting there. Struggling with water cos it's so flippin cold . Always drink black tea so i'm hoping that's ok. Thanks for all the cheese tips x


This is for life
Tea is ok - dont overdo the caffiene tho as it's a diuretic so makes you lose water and thirsty again! Maybe alternate or swap to some decaf
Hi and welcome, sorry I didn't get here sooner but I've had a busy week :)
Morning all. Been absent for a few days cos of a few post op problems but ready to get going again now. Going to have a read through the diaries see how everyone's doing and get my motivation and inspiration back. Feeling quite upbeat and happy to be back x

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