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Morning girlies - hope you are all well and feeling good. Havent caught up yet on yesterdays thread of what was posted between 8 and midnight but will do when I get home later as this is only a quick check in before kids get up and I have to get ready for work.

God I am so glad for this thread keeping me on track this week I havent had one tiny bit of chicken or egg foo yung past my lips and by god has it paid off considering my TOTM is due any day now (3 days over) I have lost this week --------- 5 lbs:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::D:D:D:D:D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and its all thanks to you lot. This thread has definitely worked on the principle of if I have a sneaky nibble I will let all of you down cos I know how you are all trying so hard aswell so a very very big thankyou to all of you and I hope I can return the favour in some way!

Hope you all have a good ady and I will be thinking of you all and sending you positive vibes to stay 100%
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Thanks for starting us off JessicaR. I managed a 100% day yesterday and am set for another today. Taking things one day at a time right now. Had my porridge, next stop is bar for lunch, will be eaten in a cafe in town (sneakily!) while sipping a coffee, as today I take my elderly mum shopping & a cafe stop to make sure she has something hot to eat is part of the trip. She is used to me sipping coffee or herb tea now while she eats, but never stops suggesting I have 'just one' slice of cheesecake or whatever... sigh! Anyway, have never given in, and won't start today!

Got masses of work to do too, so that should keep me busy!



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What an amazing loss Jessica. This thread has also helped to keep me on the straight and narrow. And Katy, have a lovely day shopping with your Mum.

Today is going to be very difficult for me, for so many reasons, but I am going to make sure I'm 100%. I'm in control. Got my WI at 7pm, which I am really not looking forward to. My weight is always 3lbs above my morning weight in an evening, plus TOTM makes me retain like a sponge.

Have any of you ladies have had problems with TOTM since starting CD? Mine is 2 weeks early and heavy, my PMT has been unbearable and although I normally retain water, I'm bloated more than ever this time. I can cope with it while I'm losing weight, but will they return to normal once I go up the steps toward maintenance??


Stubborn tortoise
Totm can be all over the place, your body is burning fat cells & this releases hormones which can stuff up your cycle. I had one period in two months then two in three weeks, now back to nothing again except a feeling that something is looming...

JESSICA I missed your weigh-in result, must have been half asleep... WOOOO!!!! Go you!

Morning girls :)

Have only been able to read this thread over the last few days as stupidly busy at work.
Day off today *yippee* so might take myself off to the gym later.

Great to hear how you are all doing so well, jessica that's a fab loss and lisa don't panic about your WI I'm sure it will be fine :)
No problems with TOTM here but that is because I have a contraceptive implant and I get very few and very light periods. I think loads of people do get weird things going on in that department though.

It's cold and miserable here today so looks like it's going to be a hot shake day today.

Here's to another 100% day :D

Annie x


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Morning all,
i've lost 6 pounds this week! but Im the same as you lisa-theres about 2lbs difference in my weight later on in the day, next WI is with CDC next Thurs.

Lisa-My TOTM is a bit strange, didn't think it would be as Im on pill but Ive had spotting all this week.Don't quote me on this but fat cells have something to do with hormones-sorry, that's really vague but i think thats why hormones are affected.

Jess- Great loss!

Katy-have a nice day shopping and well done on 100% yesterday, Ive already planned my AAM week for first week in June, looking forward to 810 for that week.
Morning everyone *yawn*. I'm sooo tired still-don't know how I'm going to manage when I'm back to work next week and have to get up at 6.30am.

My TOTM is all over the place at the moment. It came last Thursday (a week early), went on Friday then came back on Saturday much heavier than before and very painful. Just thought I'd got rid of it and it came back again in the early hours of this morning! Not as heavy as before but still there. Grrr. No wonder I've been having more cravings this week.


Stubborn tortoise
Hi Lazy! Have fun at the gym!

Angela, 6lbs... amazing!!! Well done honey! You and Jessica are an inspiration... look what can happen if you stick to CD 100%! I am definitely on the wagon today, no jumping ship, promise. I feel better when i am 100%, I think that getting so close to goal has been playing nasty games with my brain. Grrr. Not any more!!!

Sparkles, that's TOO MUCH totm! Not fair!

Here's to a great day for us all.



Going for Goal!
i have pcos, so my totm is usually always irregular and unpredictable. Having said that, when I lost 6 stone with cd a few years back, after loosing 4 stone onwards, my totm was like clockwork every month. Painful, but for me it was a great breakthrough having a show each month lol !!! I must be mad...


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Morning all........
Hope everyone is feeling good today!!!

Well done Jessica thats amazing you must be soo happy and feeling so good!

Katy well done your doing great on staying 100% .. enjoy the time with your mum and NO CHEESECAKE!!!! enjoy your coffee. x

Lisa, big hugs to you hon .. I hope you get through the day as I know you said its going to be hard, but just think the food isnt going to help you so have lots of water at the ready. Hope your little girl is feeling better..

Annie, enjoy the gym... its something I must join and do .. keep saying when I have lost a bit more. I want to join and actually go!!!

Well done Angela thats a fantastic loss you must feel fab.. well done you!!

Sparkles I had pretty similar to you with totm mine came and stopped then came back and has lasted for over a week and half!!

Have a good day everyone its looking preety miserable here today.. boo hoo.. I was hungry yesterday as was in with the kids in the afternoon so today I think we will be home in the morning and take them out this afternoon even if it is raining!!!!



Cambridge Consultant
i have pcos, so my totm is usually always irregular and unpredictable. Having said that, when I lost 6 stone with cd a few years back, after loosing 4 stone onwards, my totm was like clockwork every month. Painful, but for me it was a great breakthrough having a show each month lol !!! I must be mad...
Sorry Emma we must of doubled posted .. I have PCOS and mine have been more like every 4 weeks which is better too x


Absolutely Determined!
Morning ladies :)
Well done one the great loss Jess - fabulous :)
I'm very fortunate *touch wood* in that I don't get my TOTM anymore as I'm on Cerazette - however I am prepared for a little breakthrough bleeding :sigh:

Last night I felt so sick, it wasawful. Not feeling as bad this morning though I am prepared for a bad day as I'm on day 3. I won't let it beat me - I'm stronger than any silly carb :D
I keep having awful nightmares about stuffing my face, and then I wake up and try to work out if it was really a dream. Fortunately, I know it is...but I wish these dreams would stop. :(
I woke up with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth, and my ketostix are reading light positive...so not much longer feeling rubbish I hope :)
I daresay I'll be living on this thread today - have a great day girls xx
Ooooh, so I have a f***ed up period to look forward to, too?! LOL - probably explains why I've been Mrs Biteyourheadoff. I don't mean it and never do but I suffer badly with PMT but once my period comes I turn back to the lovely princess that I am lol.

My totm is due in a week's time and am already feeling the tell tell signs, I just hope that I don't get too messed around but should it be like that then I shall have to just get on with it. Deep joy!
Good morning ladies
sorry if I am not able to answer everybody in turn.. whatever is wrong with me is causing alot of brain fog and I can only process bits and pieces.. but I read everyone's posts and send you all my congrats and support if needed.. so I have just returned from the doc's :( I saw a lovely nurse who had an insight into my history of blood tests and how I usually flake out.. she did not make a fuss and managed to get out 5 long files of the red stuff.. i coped until the end then flaked:eek: back home now and on day two of my sick leave.. I have been advised by doc to do 810 or 1000 and just give what my body needs.. so I need to make sure I don't think oh.. I will have that coz I'm poorly.. that goes back to when I was poorly as a little girl, when my Mum gave us a few sweeties and a magazine.. I could have a mag though! can't eat that.. enjoy your day Katy, my Mum does that! do you want a bit of scone!! etc etc.. thanks for the best wishes yesterday Jess and Lisa, its appreciated.. I live alone and the day is quite long when your not allowed to do anything, or in my case, I potter about and then I am exhausted. Hope you got sleep last night Lisa and your little girl is better.. have a good day everyone xx :)

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