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From Wobble to Winner ~ 2012 Food Diary


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Sunday 25th December

Green Day (with guestimates)

Breakfast/lunch (I got up late)
84g of All Bran (2xHEB)
soya milk (1 or 2 HEA) (prbably less than one)

asda reduced fat pesto sauce ~ I guess 10 syns for half a jar (200 cal)

Freddo ~ 5 syns

Pepsi max
sparling water
no added sugar squash

Guess I used all 15 syns today. I know the food isn't the healthiest but it is Christmas and I desrve decadance somedays.

Verdict ~ could be worse

Happy Christmas
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Monday 25th

Green Day

84gm All Bran (HEBx2)
soya milk ~calcium enriched (HEAx1)


Brussel Sprouts (don't ask!)
0.5 jar Asda low fat Pesto ~ 10 syns

sparkling water
noadded sugar squash
diet cola

Total Syns for the day ~ 10

Verdict ~ I wasn't hungry at lunch time so didn't force myself to eat. At least I had some fruit and veg today so things are improving

Happy Boxing Day


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27th December

Green Day

Meal one
84g All Bran (HEBx2)
soya milk ~ calcium enriched (HEA)

snack ~ Freddo ~ 5 syns

Main meal
Brussel sprouts (!)
0.5 jar of Loyd Grossmans Tommart and Wild Mushroom sauce.... too many sysns. Can't find the syn value to it but I would guess 20 syns ~ yes for the half jar. But I have it in me cupboard and I'm not throwing it away!

Total Syns (guestimating) 25+

Verdict ~ Full tummy and feeling good. Don't feel guilty as I have not overspent syns on trash

JUdith & Pickle the wonder dog


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28th December

Green Day

84g All Bran (HEBx2) (just found out about the change this evening)
calciuym enriched soya milk ~ probably didn't have even 1 HEA)
Freddo ~5 syns
Lloyd Grossmans wild mushroom and tomato sauce ~ proably somewhere in the region of 20 syns

Total syns for the day ~ aprox 25

Verdict ~ Could have been much worse. Feeling depressed so it would have been easy to slip into a binge. Slept till late and slept this afternoon so only really had 2 meals.


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Had a break in internet connection.

Had too much festive spirit last night. Might indulge tonight...

Will resume doing my food diary in 2012.

Happy New Year!

Judith & PIckle the wonder dog


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Welcome to 2012

Happy New Year

Green Day

Fudge bar ~ 6 syns
All Bran ~ 74g~ HEB x 2 (old book)
soya milk, calcium enricjhed ~ HEA
fat reduced pesto ~ 10 syns
brussel sprouts
diet coke

Total syns 16

Verdict ~ didn't feel hungry for most of the day.... could have done much worse and looking forweard to food shopping being delivered tomorrow.


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There has been a break in transmission

back on plan and back posting!

JUdith & PIckle


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Wednesday 6th June

Green Day

Breakfast ~ grapes, satsumas, pears
Lunch ~ baked potato, cheese (HE's - total guestimate as had from cafe), baked beans, side salad.
Dinner ~ pasta, asda tomarto and garlic pasta sauce 2/3 jar working on 1 syn is 20 cal then I reckon 5 syn aprox

Plenty of fizzy water and a couple of cups of black coffee.

Verdict ~ Could have been a much worse day

JUdith & Pickle


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Mix to max

Breakfast ~ apple and grapes
Lunch Morrisons ham salad ~ small prtion of crisps, also coleslaw ( Max 10 syns)
Dinner ~ tin of stir fry vegetables, chilli noodles tomoart and garlic pasta sauce (2 syns)

Guestimate 12 syns for the day.... didn't have any HE's.... will recify that tomorrow... got my fruit and veggies in for the day.... overall verdict ~ could have been a much worse day

Judith & Pickle


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Off plan

breakfast ~ porridge oats (HEB) and soya milk (HEA) bananas
lunch tuna melt panini and bowl of chips (told you I was off plan!)
dinner ~ chilli noodles and soya sauce.

verdict ~ enjoyed the day and I'm not beating myself up.

judith & Pickle


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Saturday ~ Green Day

Breakfast ~ soya milk (HEA) & Porridge oats (HEB) apple
Dinner ~ Couscous and red kidney beans in chilli sauce

Drank fizzy water and black coffee

Slept through lunch ~ verdict on day ~ at least I got a couple of HE's in.... went to bed feeling satisfied