S: 12st2lb C: 11st2lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 1st0lb(8.24%)
I have no idea but I had the same problem earlier when trying to fry some quorn sausages in frylight, i decided next time im just going to oven cook them. If i can bring my self to eating them again, they really didnt taste to great to me. As for the chicken though, couldnt you grill it instead? its still free food if you grill it :)


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S: 18st5.5lb C: 11st2lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 24.4 Loss: 7st3.5lb(39.42%)
Use as much as you need - as long as you are not taking of the top and pouring it over


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S: 27st8.5lb C: 17st3lb G: 16st7.5lb BMI: 36.6 Loss: 10st5.5lb(37.65%)
I often use 20-30 sprays or more. They used to say 3 sprays only but I think these days its unlimited. But once it starts to get a bit mad I tend to just use extra virgin oil instead and HEX/syn it. A spray is supposed to be 1 calorie so once Im using 30 sprays I'm using 1.5 syns, I might as well enjoy the real stuff! :D