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Funny what you can do now you couldn't do before!

I realised today in the shower that I can finally see what I'm doing when I shave my bikini line (probably to much info but hey I'm happy!:D)! I've been able to see it for weeks but it's only really sunk in today.
I'm just wondering what things other people have suddenly realised they can do again (or see in my case) that they couldn't do before they started this diet?
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please try again
i have feet! lol
I haven't lost enough yet to notice anything significant, but I can't wait for everyone's posts as I always find this sort of stuff so inspirational x
hi, i was able to fit into the seatbelt on the plane wen i went on hol, instead of shamefully asking for the extension belt, also noticed my bath towel going round abit more, hoping itl be a hand towel wen i dun this long journey,


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My list is sooooo long

towel goes around me almost double
tie my shoes without the need to have a break imbetween
walk up the hill to town and not stop at every shop window so i can catch my breath
want to go to the park with my grandson
get in a lift and not panic because Im too heavy for it
get on the escalator same reason as above
chase hubby round bedroom :D
sit on my new lush garden table and chairs with out feeling like they will break any minuet and no one needs to lever me out of them :D
not be ashamed that no one can fit on a seat on the bus with me
sit on the chairs at junior school when school plays /or parents evening are on I told the teacher I had bad back last time and couldnt get down there Id never get back up :(
the cloak you put on at hairdressers fits me well swamps me now
I say hello to peeps Ive known for years and they dont know who I am :D:D
Can do double shift in chippy and still have the energy to go out after
loads more things I didnt know bothered me until I lost my weight funny how we lie to our selves always said I was closterphobic (sp) that why i didnt use lifts :eek: but just thought I was to heavy for them if anyone else got in


A pound at a time
I've just began recently, but I can walk up the stairs to my apartment and not be all huffy. I can sit here at the computer with out the pressure of my stomach on my legs making them feel tingly.
I can now easily paint my toenails. Before it was like a challenge on the krypton factor. :rolleyes:
I can cross my legs.
I can fit into normal sexy bras without resorting to still wearing my maternity bras.
I feel a million times better about having my photos taken.
I look forward to a night out with the girls rather than thinking of excuses to get out of it.
There's tons more but I won't bore you with any more. ;)
Some brilliant achievements here - it's crazy to think we let ourselves get to the state where we're suffering in so many ways, but brilliant to think that all of those things will be long gone when we start losing the weight - keep 'em coming everyone x


This is the last time!!
I never really had any 'physical' problems, aside from bursting out of clothes. Am very flexible I guess!
6 weeks ago, only 2 pairs of bottoms fitted me..I say 'fitted'. That's not true. They were embarassingly tight. But they were all I had. Now I have dropped 1-2 dress sizes I can once again fit into loads of bottoms, jeans, combats, 3/4 lengths...all sorts.
I no longer have to stretch my work t shirts before trying to squeeze into them.
I can wear my gorgeous engagement ring as well as my wedding ring.
My self confidence is growing, I feel so much happier already, and that's going from a tight 22 to a loose 20/snug 18. God help the world when I get to a 14, or even a 12!! :D:D


This is the last time!!
PS...One thing I really have noticed, without going into detail, is that I can feel my libido returning. Prob to do with the feeling happier in myself I suppose. We'll see if it is still around when hubby comes home in just under 4 weeks ;)


Leahs Lightweights
When i was at my heaviest i would still go on the treadmill around 4 times a week and do 3 miles in around 45 minutes and jog for around 3 of those minutes.... !! anyhow today i started on the treadmill again and havent been on for around 2 and a half months, and what really shocked me is that I had it going faster than ever, I ran for a mile and didn't die at the end, and did 2 miles in 20 minutes with a combination of jogging and walking!! and thats with a break, so am really happy as am feeling really good inside!!


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loads of things! can run faster, can do proper press ups, (only about 20 but still!) high heels dont hurt as much cos there isnt as much weight pressing down on them!
dont have to hold my breath to tie my shoelaces
my two sisters are considered to be very good looking girls within our village and i always felt like the runt of the litter (doesnt help that theyre both 5"8 and im 5"4 when my hairs fuzzy!) but kinda feel like i can hold my own with them now!

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