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Gained......nearly a kg!!!!

Jumped on the scales today and was expecting a nice big loss after having resolved my "transit issues". I'd STS for a couple of days which was ok - but I wasnt expecting a 900g gain. Ouch.

I cant really put it down to anything I've eaten.... but I'm going to avoid the crabsticks, ham and smoked fish for a couple of days.

I am mid cycle and do sometimes get a little gain, so I am hoping it might be that. I have also noticed that my food is a bit samey - eating a lot of chicken/turkey, turkey ham and cottage cheese - so think I need some new meal ideas. PV today - so Im going to make some chicken and veg soup.

Any ideas for a PP day?
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The turkey ham has sugar and salt added too. Best plan is to avoid packaged (meat) protein as much as you can (use them for emergencies or as a snack but don't count on them for main meals).

Keep an eye on the quantities of dairy if you're having lots of cottage cheese - 1 kg is allowed per day (250 ml milk) but people can stall with far less.

Also, if you're cooking with lemon juice a lot, using sweetners, fizzy drinks...

PP days are hard, no getting around it. Try and have lots of different things on your plate (says she who never does:eek:) to stop getting bored - look at Jo's menus on the menu thread.

If you like fish (especially white), I find that very versatile and have it a lot with white sauce (skimmed milk, mustard, a little cornflour) then add in prawns, smoked salmon, mussels, whatever. Mussels are good too on their own (just need a bit of onion or shallot and some parsley).

You can make PP soup too - use low-fat stock cubes and a little onion and shred some chicken or beef, some beaten egg in there too.

The good news is that it's probably just salt causing water retention and will come off eventually.:)
Thanks Laura - thats really helpful
I have been having one tub of cottage cheese 500g for my work lunch on PP days and the quark/fromage frais in my galette - and the odd dash of milk so maybe it is a little too much.

Dont use lemon juice/fizzy drinks much but sweetener in my galette/quark.

Must get myself some cornflour - keep forgetting to pick it up as sauces could make a nice change.

Had eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions for breakfast - an old SW favourite - probably a bit light on the protein but was really lovely. Got chicken and veg soup on the go for lunch and a seafood platter for tea - prawns, mussels, salmon and maybe some squid.
Ooops X-posted - LOL - yes mine too M-Mouse - Think I am only really surprised as Ive been spiralling downwards on Dukan!
Hope its only a (big!) blip!


** Chief WITCH **
As cottage cheese isn't fat free, I'd wonder whether 500g each day is too much yes... for me definitely!
Just to clarify I don't have that much cottage cheese every day - just on my 2 PP days during my working week as its an easy lunch with some chicken - but I will try something different next week....

I have rather annoyingly stayed the same again today - but woken up with a massive headache so definitely not enough water yesterday, with the big run last night too.... so I am hoping that a PP day and a few litres of water (a pint down already!) will shift the scales tomorrow.

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