Garmin Nuvi 310 Sat Nav system!


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Has anybody got one of these...I'm thinking about getting one!

If you has it been or have you ended up in ditches in the middle of nowhere when you were only planning on a 10 minute trip to the high street!!!:D
We don't have one - but we have a Tom Tom which is fantastic, OH uses it daily for work & we found it wonderful when we went to France (only blip was when it kept trying to send us down a road that was still being built). I have only used it once on my own going to a wedding in Wales & it was fantastic - even better I was coming home in the dark at 11:30 so it would have been a mare navigating on my own then.

We occasionally ignore it if we know a better route - & it quickly re-routes itself based on where you are taking it!

I can't reccomend it highly enough.

Lovely...... thanks for that Nicky! I'm determined to treat myself to one for my birthday next month....
What about Road Angel Navigator....has anyone got one of these???
I have a Garmin 510D and it's brilliant! i paid £250 for mine, i had the chance to try a Tom Tom which was £150 dearer than the Garmin and TBH the maps on the Tom Tom were not a patch on the Garmin! much much superiour maps! some of the sat navs have soo much acssesories on them ie bluetooth MP3 etc that they are not soo good at navigating, but i can highly recommend Garmin. Outside Britain Garmin are the most popular Sat Navs it just seems to be here Tom Toms are in as they say, but i was really dissapointed with the Tom Tom!
Excellent.....thanks Tracie..:)
Your Welcome Diva anytime
I love my TomTom - had a friend with a mate and TomTom got it right when she got it wrong!!! :p I use it for getting to all of these out of the way Boot Camps!! :p
It sure does....there are a few bargains on eBay at the moment on all makes
Well bought it and it was delivered last week - absolutely excellent am well chuffed!!!! And it was a great bargain too... if anyone is looking for a Sat Nav, any make...then check out Buy Cheap TomTom Garmin Navman Mio Sat Nav Car- Reviews they really do have great prices and free delivery!
Did you find one hun???
Which one did you but Diva?
I bought the one I've been eyeing up all year! :) Its the Garmin Nuvi 310. Here's the link...

Buy Garmin Sat Nav

And I am very, very pleased with it!! :D
Had a quick look, will be able to look when john is playing golf at the weekend.... How you doing?