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General Exercise questions

How much is your gym costing you???

We have a new gym to our town its averaging at 60-70 pounds per month. :cry:

Going to go to our cheaper gym which is 35 pounds.

Out of interest how much is everyone elses???
Sit Ups?

Does any one know an exercise that would have the same effect as a Sit up? My coccyx sticks out and when i lie on back and attempt a sit up it is painful (this always has been a problem for me). Does anyone know another way to work your abs? thanks :D


Hi Sophie

The best alternative for you for abdominal work would be to do the exercises on a Swiss ball. However, if you don't have one, you can always do something like standing rotations (stand with feet together then crunch elbow to opposite knee, then switch sides) or plank, or superman (on the knees, not flat on the stomach).

For bingo wings - you can build the tricep muscle, but you can't target fat loss - as you lose weight some of the fat will come from the arm naturally. If you want to work your triceps you can do tricep pressups, tricep extensions or tricep dips.

I'm happy to describe any of these exercises if you don't know what they are.

I don't have a gym membership but the gyms around here range from £25 a month to £55 depending on the facilities. At some of them you have to pay extra for certain stuff like sauna or squash courts.


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For stomach crunches stand up straight ( sometimes in front of a mirror helps at first ) and just pull your stomach tight, should be like breathing in but of course your not as you have to breathe throughout exercise and your just crunching your muscles. hold for count of 2 and release. Uf you do them in reps of 25 you WILL feel them and the do the same as ab crunches :D


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Does the whole lifting tins of beans thing work? :) x