General WeMITT Thread - Week commencing 1st January 2007


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Happy New Year everyone!

New year, new lbs to lose...

This is the year that I will finally get to goal, and more importantly, stay there!

Good Luck to everyone with their weight loss journeys in 2007!

Love to all xxx
Just to let you know I started SSing (again) this morning to try and lose the 18lbs I've sneaked on since August... (I put on a couple over my dissertation, a couple for my exam, a few on hol & then 8 in the past fortnight! Oh dear!) Those lbs just sneak up on you, don't they? So, first target this pesky 18lbs then another 10 to 10 stone exactly and then my final push to my 9 stone something goal (either 2 or 7 - am still undecided!)

Good Luck to all the other restarters!

Keep swigging that water!

Love Anja xxx
Happy New year to all WeMITTS
this is going to be our year !
over the last 2 weeks there have been a few times when i have been indulging a little, last night i made a concious decision that i was going to enjoy myself as that would be it, no more xmas, birthdays ( was my eldest's 11th on Friday) or New Year to contend with.So i had what i wanted to eat, but not to excess.
this morning i popped on the scales as Monday is my weigh in day & over the last 2 weeks have lost 2.6 lbs.This has been the first xmas i can remember that i have lost rather than put on weight at xmas time!!!:D
Wow - losing weight over Christmas! WELL DONE!!!! (How did you do it? I need that sort of info!)

Love Anja xxx

Good luck to everyone on their 2007 weightloss journeys. Just remember to keep the WeMitt motto in mind and you really WILL achieve your goal this year! :D

Love to all
Anya, xmas day & boxing day i had meat n veg, no carbs or booze- don't i sound sanctimonious (sp)? not really i'm just not a boozy person really!
on the weds i had a few naughties at work & yesterday free range of the buffet !
can't remember what i had the week up to xmas, not too naughty but not complete ss, but there have ben quite a few days that i have just had shakes, you could say i followed the 80/20 rule:)
A Happy New Year to all my wemitt buddies!

Good luck to everyone on our continuining weight loss journeys - this is going to be THE year for all of us - I can just feel it in my water ;)
Here, here Debbie, I'm with you on that one.
I have a small focus for everyone here - 1lb a week loss = 52lbs in a year which is 4 stone! I think it is doable for everyone (regardless of the choice of diet) I reckon. (thanks to the guy on weight loss resources who pointed this out).

When you think about it like that we can all achieve our dreams and if we do ss properly it will be even quicker! That said, any new regime or lifestyle change will have these results!

Best of luck peeps - remember - TEAM - together everyone achieves more. And that is what we are!!!
Best of luck peeps - remember - TEAM - together everyone achieves more. And that is what we are!!!

Oooh that's a good one GM!!

I also like 'There's no 'I' in TEAM' :)
Shame the England cricket squad don't understand that one but I will say no more becauseof the scandal it may provoke!!!
happy new year wemitts!! hope you all had a great time and are ready for a great 2007.

ive been nibbling, no scoffing, like mad. put on my size 26 jeans (which i only got into the week before last) and they were tight! its just the kick up the bum i need before getting weighed on wed. need to get back into cd now and get on with it properly.

maybe its because ive been eating proper food lately but im finding the packs taste really disgusting. i try to think of them as cup a soups and milk shakes but they seem to have a really barfy taste now where as before i quite enjoyed them. does anyone have any ideas on how to perk them up?

Hope you are all ok, and hope you all had a fab Chrimbo?
I am back on the wagon now and suffering!!!! I am too scared to get weighed so will put that off for a few weeks lol I only had 10 days off and my clothes feel really uncomfy, so I know that things are bad, but I did mega pig out over the hols so serves me right!

I will have to keep on telling myself to just grit my teeth and stick with it now until I reach my goal!

Anyhoo, enough babbling from me, time to get on with drinking more water! (v hard because I hardly drank any water over the past week and am freezing now bah)! lol

Take care guys xx
I am too scared to get weighed so will put that off for a few weeks lol I only had 10 days off and my clothes feel really uncomfy, so I know that things are bad, but I did mega pig out over the hols so serves me right!

Same here Mrs T ... I've started back on the diet this morning using some left over packs and will be seeing my CDC for the first time on Jan 8th - but have decided against getting weighed. I know I've gained loads (there are only a few items of clothing I can squeeze into at the moment) and to see the extent of the damage on the scales will be too disheartening.

So I've decided to wait a few weeks until my clothes feel a bit looser again before I brave the scales: hopefully by then, I'll be close to where I left off!

Hope you hade a great Christmas & New Year :)
not exactly on prgram as that is next monday night when I do my first LL session.

However, I am back in training with volume reduction (food), healthier choices - veg and lean meat, and buckets of water ............oh, and loads of peeing

So, 2007 starts wet and windy (veg was cabbage and sprouts LOL)

Here's to a great year for us all

Spain? Sun? Sea? Sand? Am I jealous????

Yeah me too Debbie!! Grrrrr!!! :mad: :cool:

Happy New Year Ann, and lots of love for a very happy 2007! :D

Debbie, Lizzie, Mindless, Mrs T and everyone else starting/re-starting after the New Year - all the very best of luck for a wonderfully quick trip to Slimsville!

This time next year, we'll ALL be 'Slim-ionnaires'! :D

Lots of love
ooooh im so glad im not the only one who fell off the wagon with a wee thud! getting weighed tomorrow so im prepared for a gain (feeling gutted already, silly me for eating like a mad woman!!)
Mine wasn't a "wee thud" - it was a big one!

2nd day of restart down... plodding along but an early night beckons... Just retreated for a bath to get me away from all the tantalizing food. First target is seeing my relatives on Saturday, will see how I'm doing & either plod on with quorn & veg or TRY the sensible thing again. Hopefully I will be a bit closer to the 10s again & out of danger. Was down to 11,11 this morning from 12 so 3lbs off during the first day yesterday & hopefully even more today too... If I do go back to healthy eating I will have to work back up with quorn & veg sensibly to try not to replace the glycogen sharply! However if I do really well by the end of this week I may kick my heels in & go a bit further, or maybe I'll do semi, with 2 slimfast & 1 healthy meal... we'll see!

Fingers crossed for all restarters, the ketosis barrier approaches!

Love Anch xxx
It's a 'forever' battle isn't it Anch!

Day 1 is over for me: Can't wait to see that pink stick!!