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A hickup re apple crumble yesterday. I stay on track by not having carbs ready to hand. So cooking some of the last of the apples as a crumble for MrAG was not a good move. I'll use one to make him a celery coleslaw thingy and put the remaining ones out for the thrushes and blackbirds.

Off to clean our Airbnb (formerly known as the sitting room and downstairs bath!) as someone has 2 days work so is staying tonight and tomorrow. When I closed my business, we put a door in the hall and created a self contained Guest suite (microwave and kettle, no kitchen kitchen sink) using the front door.

We now sit in the kitchen and use the back door. 6 1/2 months without income. It's been tough.

We are fully booked from the 12th for 10 weeks and summer is filling up fast. So at least there is some money then.
We have also turned our house into part Air B&B here in Luxembourg! It is almost always occupied with euro travellers. At the moment it has a guest from Bulgaria who came in November to short stay whilst looking for a house.....He's still here! It has saved us during my husband's redundancy after 27 years working for the same company! They let him go at aged 50!


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That's good. Sorry to hear about your husband. I can't get a professional job - ageism is rampant. Has he sorted out work?

Re Airbnb: We use igms for messaging and beyond pricing for pricing in line with demand. Really useful tools.