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Getting back in zone, to loose for good!!


Excited about the new me!
Hello guys and gals..

Have set myself a challenge to loose 4 stone by beg of August. Just need some support on here.. I think 4 stone is doable and started this yest..so will post up here and let you know how I get on week to week. Do pop in and say hi and share your thoughts too. Thanks for helping to support me :D xx

Day 1 Wed
Stawberry shake
Choc Tetra
Baked chicken (in foil) wv mixed herbs and Spinach
Toffee Bar

2.5 litres water

Day 2
Choc Orange Shake
Stawberry Tetra
Chicken Stir Fry wv mushrooms and Pak Choi
Choc Orange Bar

So far so good.. xx
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hiya! your menu sounds lovely. good luck for today and take each day as it comes, and them 4 stones will be flying off!


Excited about the new me!
Hi hun lovely menu's i must say!! can i ask are you in ketosis on the 810 plan still? x

Hi Shaney

I don't think so.. but feel more energtic then I did on ss and not hungry either, so maybe I am a little!!! I think with all the plans, the water helps big time!! Thanks for popping in Shaney, good to hear from you :)
Hiya, what size portion food are you allowed on the 810? The meals you've done sound lovely. I think I'd just be having grilled chicken and brocolli every day. lol


Excited about the new me!
Its not much more then ss+:

3 x Cambridge meals
Main meal of either:
250g plain cottage cheese
325g low fat cottage cheese
175g chicken/turkey breast
275g white fish
260 tuna in water
190g fresh tuna
275g quorn mince
2 small eggs

+ 3 tablespoons of green veg - also includes mushrooms and spring onion
+ 340ml skimmed milk

Of course you can add fresh or dry herbs and spices too :)

I enjoy this one and you can play around with he protein too, ie.. 1 egg and half the amount of cottage or cream cheese.. xx


Excited about the new me!
Day has been ok so far, had lots of fizzy water and black coffee, was temped earlier in Asda with a cheese and onion pasty.. but resisted!! Bought a fresh cooked chicken to use for tonights tea with another stir fry (will spice this one up) and kids for their curry :).

Food so far:

Strawberry shake made with ice - getting to really like this one!
Choc Tetra
Chicken stir fry with mush, pak choi and chilli and spring onion
Choc orange bar
1.5 litres water, 5 coffee's, 1 tea wiv skimmed milk

Need to get some water down me tonight as well.

Have a weekend ahead of me, and am cooking for my BF parents tomorrow, so will look at what I can do and adapt some of it for me. Drink wise, will get some fizzy water, so looks like im drinking spritza ;), well thats the idea anyway.


Nikki x
Thank you hun very much i will post often lol well better day for me today wi tomorrow morning.!

Looking forward to 810 from sunday now.! glad you said nooo to ASDA lol.! another nice menu.!

hope your good hun x off to have some more water.x
Good that you said no to that pasty ^^ I wish I could be as good as you with making food. I really need to take all the food out of my diet if I don't want to cheat. ;)
Mmmm, you 810 meals sound nice. I think I will be borrowing some of your ideas once I move up to that level.

Do you have your meal at lunch time or in the evening? And are things like chilli and garlic unlimited (I love spices).



Excited about the new me!
Morning girls

Hope you had a good weekend. Saturday was good and Sunday wasn't so.. Won't go into it, but broke the plan..

Hey ho! Back on it again today and will ss today to get back on track. Have halfed my breakfast shake and had half this morning and will have the other half when I get in at 5.30pm.. Don't eat dinner till 8pm, so will tie me over!!

B-fast - Half a Bananna shake - mixed with ice (liked that one)
3 black coffees
Lunch - strawberry Tetra
1.5 litres of water
Half Bananna shake
Bullion Veg Drink
Dinner Cappacino Shake

Will get another litre of water (fizzy) down me tonight. xx
good luck for today.


Excited about the new me!
Hi Shanny.., yes much more then I did have lol..

I made a fresh Lasagne last night and it was so hard to resist having any.. but I did :). Was going to be doing SS yest.. but ended up dishing theirs up and cleaned up while they ate and had a cottage cheese and gree herby salad with fat free dressing and a grilled mushroom. Then made choc cup cakes.. that wads hard, not licking the spoon even.. but again resisted and had my choc orange bar after while they all munched on my choc cakes. Sometimes, I do feel its not fair.. but then have to rethink that and say to myself "its for me this diet not anyone else". If I want to loose weight then I'll have to continue resisting.. Glad I didn't give into bad temptation, and even if I can't manage SS for a day after a bad weekend, 810 is still better then the weekend I did have. So hey ho.. and think the scales even shifted from yest too.. but will see at my WI on Fri.

Have been debating whether to swap gyms, as I have a hip injury (muscle) and can't do any cardio anyway, esp with this diet..but can get on the tread mill and walk and do arm exercise machines and sit ups.. but would love to be able to swim and my gym does not have one.. but the thing is.. the other gym would cost me £28 more each month. So not sure I can justify that.. its a better gym, posh too ;).. so will have to contemplate that one..

Just had a text from a friend asking me to meet for dinner this eve, so I said yes and will do a chicken salad
(might take my fat free dressing too) there and fizzy water. I can't keep saying no to ppl and this way it will help me to make the better choices for me too.

Hope you all have a good one. xx

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