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Getting married September 2011

And want to lose at least 3 stone by June/July time.

I mistakenly bought a wedding dress in what I thought was my size )measurements made sense) but it is about 2 dress sizes too small art the moment.

Ive tried pretty much every diet going and nothing has worked.
I work full time, have a house to run, am studying with the OU, am an Avon rep and am also running around after sick grandparents at the moment so all in all not a lot of spare time to myself
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I'm also getting married in Sept (it's whizzing by now) and have about 2 stone to lose. What date is your wedding?

Like you, I think I have tried every diet going and always lose weight but never seem to be able to maintain it! Which diet are you on at the moment? I'm on WW which seems to working so far.

I'm also new to minimims, but everyone seems very friendly and full of good advice.
I'm getting married 3rd sept and would like to lose 3 1/2 stone. I've not ordered my dress yet (eeeek) but want to get the weight off quickly so I can look when I'm slim. I've started lighter life this week. Good luck Hun!!! Xxxx
Mines the 7th.
I tried Lighter Life, lost a stone in 2 weeks which was great. I did find the tiredness, headaches etc a bit much so packed it in (plus I was spending more on that than my weekly shop lol).
WW didnt work for me, lost a couple of lbs and just put them back on then didnt move (did that for 6 months).
Ive just started doing 30-45 minute workouts every day and not eating any rubbish and no alcohol during the week or on sundays...
Going to be tough but so long as I get to a size 12/14 (currently 16/18), that will do...
Yeah tried slimming world, weight watchers, cabbage soup diet...etc etc all start off ok then (whilst still following the diets) the weight creeps back on.

A friend of mine held the SW class I went to, she couldn't believe that I could be putting my weight back on whilst following the diet so I went to stay with her for a week to prove it...She couldn't explain it either
I am also getting married in September and have so much weight to lose. I haven't even started thinking about a dress yet becuase I am huuuuge! I have been exercising 5 times a week and no weight loss yet. I am starting to lose the will....
Dont give up, we could 'buddy up' if you like?

As Ive said somewhere else, weight isnt the thing its how I look that matters
Cool, we can keep each other going :)
Are the work outs working for you? Ive been going 5 times a week and no joy!! So disheartening :(
I started last week and only managed 1 session cos I came down with tonsillitis(!) but started again on Tuesday this week (probably a bit early if I'm honest).
I'm doing at least 60 minutes, 5 times a week. I'll give it a couple of weeks to see if it starts to work cos sometimes it takes a while for my body to realise what's going on lol.

What are you doing and how long have you been doing it for?
I've been trying to lose on and off for a year, but time is running short now!! Thinking about Slim Fast as I can't afford anything too expensive :) been gyming a lot too
All these diet things are more expensive than they need to be.

Sounds like your a bit like me, want to see changes instantly...which isnt going to happen lol
I so wish that there was an easy solution! I am just getting worried as time is short. I am sure it will come off eventually with will power and hard work :)
Yeah I now what you mean, the weeks are ticking by and I've just put on 3lbs somehow! ;(
Looking at around 3 stone or 2 dress sizes...
Id like to lose 5, but I don't think that it will happen. 3 dress sizes and I would be almost happy lol
LOL, almost is better than not at all.

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