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Getting my sexy back lol

Hi I thought id give healthy eating a try cos I can't get to grips with' dieting'.
I've got 1 and a half stone to lose and want to do this by christmas if I can.I just hope I can keep going for that long lol.

Banana and raspberry smoothie

Prawn and mayo light sandwich
Small chunk low fat cheese

Beef casserole
Mashed potatoes

Packet french fries
lemon cello desert

how does this look? I do exercise aswell so allow myself those couple of snacks
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Hey Foodfairy,

That looks lush!

About whether it's "ok" or not, it's hard to tell! Lunch certainly looks fine. You might find you snack less if you have something a bit more filling though, maybe with a bit more protein. Like a salad with lots of tuna or something.

How big were the French Fries - did they come with nutritional info? Was the casserole very rich? Was the mashed potato made with butter/cream? Ready meals, or pub casserples, are likely to be quite high in calories, compared to what you'd make at home.

And of course, what kind of exercise did you do, and for how long?

Try to keep a very detailed log of your food and exercise; as you become more intuitive about nutrition, you may be able to be less rigid.

Sorry not to be more helpful!

SL x
Hi and thank you for the reply and advice, its very welcome!

Yea I made the casserole myself and I always mash potatoes with butter and milk lol but not much. The exercise I do is waking home from work which takes an hour and I do it briskly even in the rain today! x
Hey hun, I am posting on the kettle bell thread lol! I have the same dvd as you and will start monday with it, can't wait x
I got a 5kg one but could hardly lift it with 1 hand! My other half went to argos today and got me the davina set so I'll start with the smallest and work my way up haha x
P.s I've been having several bad days eating wise too I'm addicted to chocolate and its driving me crazy that I'm crap at dieting! I'm hoping once I get into the swing of exercising properly it will help me focus on my eating better.there the plan anyway:) x
I think that all looks good. Was it French Fries the crisps? If so, I love them! Think they're only about 100 cals a bag.
I think exercising is a really great way to kick the chocolate addiction. I was really addicted to it too, eating like 100g every day, but now that I try to do some exercise every day, it feels like such a waste!

And after a week of having no chocolate, you don't crave it anymore. I found that particularly any really strenuous exercise like running actually curbs my appetite, weirdly (not complaining, though!).

I'm sure you can do it! All your food looks pretty good, and it's impressive that you're walking home from work each day.

I think that all looks good. Was it French Fries the crisps? If so, I love them! Think they're only about 100 cals a bag.
hiya yes it was the french fries crisps and they are yummy, shame they dont do the woster sauce ones in multipacks :(

thanks snakes and ladders im hoping i'll be the same :)

saturday and sunday

got a bit drunk yesterday oopsy haha! they were doing free wine tasting in the supermarket and i'd have been a fool to pass that up! had about 1/4 of a bottle in total consisting of different wines and then went and bought a bottle of wine too which i drank when i got home :7834:

i ordered pizza too - and chips :doh: but i only had half of each so at least i was a bit good :p

today i didnt eat breakfast tut tut but my head was a bit hurty and all i wanted was 2 cups of tea. we all went out for sunday lunch and i had chicken with stuffing, boiled new potatoes, 2 roast potatoes, 1/2 yorkie pud, steamed red cabbage, carrots and broccolli with not too much gravy.

then i had strawberry cheesecake with icecream for dessert and a lattee. had 2 pink wafers a bit later with a cuppa when we got home and i have a slice of banana cake waiting for me this evening. so this weekend has been a bit pants dietwise but i still lost 1lb when i got weighed this morning :clap:
had an excellent day today :happy036: was up at half past 6 to make a start on the kettlebells, worked so hard at work im sure i could feel the lbs melting away lol then i walked all the way to the supermarket to do the shopping. did over 14000 steps today :superwoman: haha

breakfast - 2 weetabix, skimmed milk
lunch - egg mayoaise sandwich on wholemeal bread, chunk low fat cheese and a low fat yogurt
snack - 2 plums
tea - breaded baked fish, new potatoes and peas with a little butter
supper - french fries crisps and a fab ice lolly which was so nice!
Yoohoo:) still going strong I'm glad to say, lots of walking and just completed week 1 of my kettle bell dvd.

Strawberry and raspberry smoothie

Prawn and feta salad
Shape fat free yoghurt
2 plums

2 chicken and vegetable fajitas
Fab ice lolly

4 pink wafers

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