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Giving blood on vlcd?



Lovin it !!! :)
You're not supposed to give blood on VLCD - I certianly wouldn't risk it ;)
Have you given blood before?
I'd maybe do it on an add a meal week and ask the nurses what they think.
I would think you are more at risk of feeling lightheaded or fainting after so if you do it I would lie down for a long while after!
From reading i have done on VLCD's and in general (being a Biomedical Sciences Major...i know i'm a big geek) it's a BIG no no!

Your body just cant support a blood loss like that in ketosis, regardless of how many times you have donated before. You'll just have to wait till your skinny and back on a normal diet ;)
I'd better not
thanks for advice
(being a Biomedical Sciences Major...i know i'm a big geek)

Hurrah for geeks! The world needs you. The amount of dodgy science I've read on this forum alone recently could mean you are a very welcome voice.

Anyway, back to the point.

Wouldn't expect it's a triffically good idea, from a blood pressure standpoint alone...
I've just done my blood pressure and it's 123/75

which is much better than last time before I started when it was 140/80
(I know, a lot of women have a battery powered device at the side of their bed, mines a blood pressure machine ;-) )


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I rang and asked them after I had been on it about 4 months and they said definitely NO - I am on a break for 6 months and then they will reinstate me back on the register, but if I am still doing TFR I have to ring them and let them know.
Bren xx

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