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GL Hummus vs Chickpeas, sorta confused...

I was looking at the GL chart in my Low GL diet Bible and I'm a little confused how Hummus can be lower GL than Chickpeas, when Hummus is made from Chickpeas. Was wondering if anyone knows why?

It says Hummus (Chickpea dip) Serving Size is 30g which = 1 GL. But for 5 GLs you can have 4 small tubs = 765g.

Is this a typo in my book??? Shouldn't it be 30g x 5 = 150g...

Chickpeas Serving size is 150g = 9 GL. So 5 GLs worth = 1/3 can or 83g.
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I don't quite understand why there's a difference, but I double checked the values in the gycaemic index database:
150g serving of canned chickpeas = GL 9
150g serving of chickpeas dried, soaked and then boiled = GL3
30g serving of hummus = GL1

Must be something to do with how its metabolised, plus ?other ingredients in the hummus bringing the GL down
I know, it's just so yummy! And once I figured out just how easy and CHEAP it is to make, I've never bought the stuff from the supermarket again (often has preservatives and...SUGAR (!!!) in it)
I think you may have inspired me to make some tomorrow! Goes with toasted wholemeal pita breads sooo well. Yum!
I love hummus alot, so I am really happy that it's a low GL food.

I love making my own hummus as it's much fresher and better tasting than the store bought ones. I remember the first time my guy gave me hummus here, I told him "that's not hummus, that it tasted like a stale bland dip." Every since I showed him how to make hummus, he's in love with it. He never really liked the store bought ones.

Thanks for the replies ladies. I'm glad to find out it's a typo too, because 765g is ALOT of hummus.
No worries, I can handle reading about nono foods, since I live with my OH who constantly has nono foods in my face everyday. So it just makes me stronger:)

We're going to make Mediterranean food tonight. That's why I looked up hummus, and got confused with the chart :)
Ok time to peel some garlic now :)

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