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Goal Weight


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I know that we've had lots of these discussions about goal weights and stopping when you feel right, but I'm beginning to think that I've set my goal weight too high.

I also know that we've had a pop at NHS BMI scales before too, but when I get to my goal weight of 11 stone, my BMI will be 26.1 which is still in the overweight category. 10 stone will get me in to the health category at a BMI of 23.8

I'd like some honest opinions from you guys (ha, like you lot'll give me anything but;)) do you reckon I should have a re-think and aim for 10 stone? To be honest when I set my goal I really didn't think I would get anywhere near it, so it was kind of just plucked out the air. I'm undecided though as I've just got in to size 14 clothes and seem quite happy with that.

Is a healthy BMI really that important? What do you reckon?
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you should get to whatever weight you feel comfy at! :)

i am aiming for 12st as thats where i think id be comfy, that according to bmi classes me still as overweight - even though i would have lost over 7stone!! for me to be in the healthy category i'd have to be 9st 9lbs - id look ill!!!!!!!

I pay no attention to bmi - i think they are rubbish as my brother is full of muscle, little and classed as overweight when clearly he isnt.

So chick, get to whatever weight you feel comfy at :)


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Thanks Tanya. I've just started to get my curves back, I'd hate to go and lose them again just to please the NHS ;)


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lol!!!!!! Seriously, bmi is rubbish! lol


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I think what set me off was seeing what other people on here (my height) have put down in their profiles for their goal weight. But like you said that is what they are happy with and i should choose my own level.
I pay no attention to BMI either. As summergurl said it doesnt take into account things like muscles, and also bone structure - some people do have bigger frames than others and wouldn't look right if they were at what BMI considers a 'normal' weight - for example I have size 9 feet and would look awful if i got down to 9st!! I'm aiming for 12st too - if when I get there I decide I could do with losing a little more then I will but if I'm happy then I'll stay at whatever weight I feel comfortable with :)


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Yup indeed :) aslong as you feel happy with yourself and your shape theres no reason why you should want to change to follow others or, like you said to please the nhs! :)


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Oh and I reckon that my boobs weigh at least a stone each, so the rest of me will be getting down to 9 stone. I bet BMI doesn't factor in for naturally big boobies :giggle:


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:rotflmao: probably not lou, no! lolololol


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Hi Lou,
I only started yesterday but put my original goal at 10 stone, I rectified it later and put it at 12. To be honest at over 20 stone now, I will be happy when I lose 6 and reach 14 stone. I would hope I would keep going, as long as I was happy with how I looked. My goal BMI would probably still be over as I am 5ft 5, but I think it would then come down to my level of energy, ability to maintain and what exercise I was getting. If all of these were in place I don't know would I be too concerned about the BMI. But I have to get there first!!!
Good luck with your decision, you look really well in your photos.


Here we go again!
According to BMI I should weigh between 7.5 and 9st. That's impossible for me! I would look ridiculous. I am aiming for about 10st or 10.4 and I know that would look healthy and I would be able to maintain at that weight. I think I will still be classed as overweight but don't care. It's what you're happy with that counts and if I can get into the 10st at all, I will be very happy.


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Thanks Doirin :)

That first 6 stone goal of yours will come around a lot sooner than you think. This is officially the best diet ever. It's probably the hardest but also the most motivating. Make sure that you keep a photo diary too, I was gobsmacked when I compared my now photos to my starting ones. You just don't realise just how far you've come in such a short space of time.

Good luck with your first weigh in


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According to BMI I should weigh between 7.5 and 9st. That's impossible for me! I would look ridiculous. I am aiming for about 10st or 10.4 and I know that would look healthy and I would be able to maintain at that weight. I think I will still be classed as overweight but don't care. It's what you're happy with that counts and if I can get into the 10st at all, I will be very happy.
Aww cheers Bev. You guys are making me feel much happier with my goal weight. Sod the NHS, I'm going to feel mighty fine and not in the least bit unhealthy in my bikini on my holidays in August.


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Hmmm... Thats a tough 1, my goal weight will make me in the right bracket for my height etc.. But aslong as your happy I suppose that may be the main thing.. But surely being the healthiest you can is more important in the long term? I think the whole bloody reccomended weight is stupid to be honest.. Most people would look painfully thin if they were what the boots scales reccomended I think.


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Ignore the BMI and have a goal that you will feel good at. Even though I think BMI is important, its not catered for each individual, its a number taken on an average at the end of the day. Some of us do have bigger bones, some have little ones, some have big boobies, some have little ones. Stop when you are comfortable and listen to your family and friends too, thats important. My original goal was to be approx 23.5 but when I was just over 25 my Family were getting concerned.

Have a good look at yourself in the mirror and listen to your own body.

Be happy - that is the main thing and dont try and fall into a category that these experts have set.


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I agree it's what you feel comfortable with my goal weight is 10.10 which just puts me in the healthy BMI bracket, I weigh about 10.12 now but I feel happy at that, going to start to refeed tomorrow as feeling poorly today. I am in a size 12 feel comfortable and have been told today that I am getting to skinny, laughable really when NHS scales just put me in the overweight bracket. Stop when you feel comfortable thats what I say .
Great thread guys. Pharmacist was a little perturbed when I said I'd like to get to 10st - he thought that 10'6 was more realistic. Hmm. Well back in my late teens I was that weight so I know I can sustain it - boobies (yup about a stone each presently too :argh:), 5'4 and size 6 feet willing. Maybe the guys like a little bit more of us to grab lolololol. No seriously, remember we didn't get large by eating air - you'll only beat yourself up if you cannot maintain a low weight. See how you go, at what weight you feel comfy and can maintain it. Remember we're supposed to get more energy as we drop the pounds, so you may turn into a gym bunny and get muscles (which weigh more than fat) later on. You are your guide but remember the really skinny girls either have high octane metabolisms or just don't eat (my size 6/8 friend just forgets to eat - like how!)
I dont agree with BMI either, I know friends who go by that and some dont look well when in correct BMI and it doesnt suit everyone, I think everyone's frame etc.. is diff so as long as your in a fit and healty weight and feel comfortable at that then thats what matters too...
Go with your gut, you will know how you feel, if you are comfy or not and that is all you can go by, if you plucked oyur goal weight out of thin air it might be good to reconsider, however if you are content, go with that feeling. So glad you are nearly there. x


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Hi! I think everyone has hit the nail on the head here! Although bmi is based on what the nhs say you should weigh, it doesnt take into consideration your structure, muscle percentage or boobs! lol. I think that if you feel confident healthy and happy with your new bod and the weight your at, then dont go changing to fit in with their statistics. Congrats on your weight loss, you look fab :)

Im starting lipotrim next monday, Im inbetween 5"2 & 5"3 and should be between 105 - 135 pounds, I think I would look like a pair of boobs on a stick anything below 130! lol, although that puts bmi at around 24

well done and good luck! :D

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