God I am so crap at this - so here I am again!


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Restarted CD again yesterday.

My journey started last March when I did almost three weeks of Lighter Life, on the equivalent of sole source.

I couldn't do it though and in May started on CD (did 810). Lost almost 3 stone in total before I went on holiday at end of June.

Since then I've started, stopped, started, stopped and have basically buggered about. Have been a complete piggy since beginning of December and have found myself back to almost 2 stone heavier than I was.

Good news is that for the first time ever on CD, I have managed to complete a full day of sole source. Yay. Yesterday I wasn't too bad either bud succumbed to some prawns about 9pm.

So please please keep your fingers crossed for me that I can do this. I'm off to Egypt, 4 weeks on Thursday and really need to get a stone off at least to get into my holiday clothes!

So what are your best tips for staying on track on sole source? I find it hard enough not to cheat when on 810, never mind total abstinence.

Happy New Year to you all btw! :D

C xxx
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I'm only on day two so its early days yet but I think that this might actually work for me because it is total abstinence. It takes away all choice and the chance to kid myself that an 8oz potato is only 4oz or half a french stick is equivalent to slice of Nimble !

Good luck. A holiday in Egypt is a good insentive to stay focused.


Cambridge Consultant
S: 13st0lb C: 9st2lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 23.4 Loss: 3st12lb(29.67%)
Thanks for your replies. I've done okay again today. I did have a teensy piece of chicken and a mushroom while make dh and ds's dinner but that was to make sure it tasted ok (ok, I lie!).

But other than that, I've did well, lol. I'm still pleased with myself.

Hope you have all had a good day. I even managed all my water, which is not like me! :)