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Going it alone - Food Diary - feel free comment


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I've started SW and am going it alone ! I have a SW book and advise from a friend who did sw and lost, I am starting on the extra easy until i get my head around the diet ! coming from WW it's quite a big change ! so PLEASE feel very welcome to let me know if i have done anything wrong or could improve anything.. I am hoping to go to meetings when work calms down !!

First food Diary:-
Friday - EE Day

3x Lean (grilled) Bacon, 2 x Poached egg, Beans, Tomato and Mushroom
1 slice Wholemeal bread - HEXB
Coffee - skimmed milk (2 SYN)

wafer thin ham, salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber onion) V Small portion finely grated Chedder (HEXA),
Healthy option salad cream 1TBSP - (1 SYN)
Pinapple, grapes, kiwi fruit.

Spaghetti with spicy passata, Onion and mushroom
Mullerlight Cherry

Snacks/ drinks
1/2 Larger (5 Syn):cry:
2 jaffa cakes (5 syn)

total syns - 13
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Look's good! And sounds yummy :)
Looks like you have a good idea of what you're doing :)
The only thing I noticed was your cheese portion. You said it was very small. Did you weigh it? When I finally got around to weighing my cheese (naughty I know) I was amazed at how much a HEXA got you-esp if you go for a low fat cheese. Just wanted to point it out in case you were getting less than you should.
Same with spoonfuls of stuff. I recently started using measuring spoons and realised how little I was allowing myself when I just used regular spoons out of the drawer to guess.
Anyway, enough rambling.
Hello, welcome to SW, and good luck.xx
Looking good and welcome to sw. As honey said no need to worry about the lager, you made your choice and spent your syns wisely :p I sometimes have a solero for the same syns. :D

SW is a great plan and will allow you to splurge a little on treats.


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thanks for the comments guys.. with the cheese I am so used to WW saying a rather big No NO to cheese i literally grated twice over my ham i didn't weigh it but will do in future to get an idea.. I saw some of those spoon in the £ shop the other day i think i'll get some cos i normally use my toddlers spoons, which are very small...

Got a couple more diary's to get up and it's going well so far.. think i had a bit of a slip up with a roast beef joint i cooked as i think OH used the juice from joint for gravy !! Bloomin delicious bit crikey alot of syn's i expect !??

i a super shocked so far with just how much is free and am loving being nicely ful and not wanting to nibble !! Hopfully the start of an enjoyable SW journey for me

Thanks very much for the comment and like i say PLEASE do tell me if i have counted anything wrong or have forgotten anything it's weird doing it alone but i'm doing alot more planning than normal and hopefully with the help of this board will get my head around it in no time !

Definitely weigh out your cheese-you'll be pleasantly surprised ;)
And the measuring spoons are brilliant too.

I go it alone with help from a friend and this forum and have found it surprisingly easy to stick too. I think, like you, I wasn't expecting all the free foods and healthy extra's. Glad you're doing so well.
Can't help with the meat I'm afraid, but I'm sure there is someone on here who can help. You could always post in the syn section if no one replies here :)
Looks good to me, and varied, keep it up, don't worry about the lager, its in your syns, they are there to be used. I'm just about to venture into the world of going it alone myself, so will be interested to see how we get on... good luck


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hi Everyone ! Just done a food shop and got plenty of fruit and veg's in It's soooo weird not to have to point fruit lol but sooooooo good as i love it !

Beans n tomato on 1 slice of brown bread (HEXB)

Pasta and sauce (dried packet chicken and mushroon) free??
Muller Light

Jacket potato with Cheese (HEXA) and beans

2x jaffa cakes (5syn)
1/2 larger (5 syn)


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My sunday roast was LUSH and well worth the syns ! also i made my OH one of my free breakfasts and we was well impressed !! so far so good

Grilled Bacon, Poached Egg Mushrooms, tomato and beans on 1 slice brown toast HEXB

Coffee with semi skimmed milk HEXA

Lunch/ Dinner
Roast beef, carrots, Mashed potato (without butter or milk), 2x Yorkshire pudding (6 syn) beef gravy ( made with the meat juice so i expect i went over !! was nice tho lol ):p

Banana, Mullerlight


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thought i'd do yesterday's diary while my little' en sleeps ! ah the peace !!

Skipped as i went shopping early

Chicken salad with mayo from sachet so thinking maybe (5 syns)

Spaghetti Bolognese (homemade)
topped with half fat cheese (HEXA)
1 piece of garlic bread from baguette ( 5 syn?? ) - good for me as i can normally eat half a baguette !!

Fruit with mullerlight
SW crisps - fantastic !!!


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Tuesday - First ever GREEN DAY !!

Thought i would try out a green day .. never actually done one ! lol so please let me know if i have done anything wrong !

2x Egg and Soldiers ( HEXB )

Grapes, Apple and pinapple

SW Quiche ( VFF Cottage cheese with chive, 3 eggs ,Mushroom, tomato Low fat cheese- HEXA ) with salad + LF salad cream ( 1 SYN)

Pasta and sauce - Chicken and mushroom - over cooked it and wasn't nice but had to rush to work so ended up having a packet of walkers cheese and onion !! Oops (9syn)

Total Syns = 10 - can't remember exactly what the crisps were syned..

back at work now and first time since starting SW OOh I better not visit that shop !! .. Got my packed lunch but forgot my breakfast !!! so having a banana and orange !! good start !


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ooooh Now that is a good idea !! I'll be purchasing one of those v soon ! thanks v much x


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Wednesday - EE

I work wed - friday, so was a little worried i'll fall off the wagon and end up in subway or even worse Greggs !! But i didn't i was very good..... I think LOL


Wafer thin ham, Lettuce, Cucumber Tomato - LF salad cream (1 SYN)
Cherry Mullerlight and strawberries

2x Lean pork loin (grilled) Honey and Mustard Mix(homemade) (3Syn)
Lots of veg, Mash (without milk or butter) 1 1/2 Yorkshire pudding (4.5 SYN) Gravy (2 SYN)

SW Crisps

SYN Total = 10.5:D

Note: I was greedy and had 2 pork steaks, Next time i make this i'm going to have 1 and 2 bags of veg !! I need to change my habits and stop stuffing myself !


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Thursday - Today - EE.

Hi am posting today's menu, I dont seem to have a HEXB ! and can't think what i can have or have i missed it already lol...

Coffee With milk ( HEXA )

LF Super Noodles
Strawberries and Mullerlight
Snack a jacks (5.5 SYN!!:eek: )

Ham salad
Uncle ben's rice 1/3 pouch - (2SYN)
Pineapple, grapes, kiwi
2x alpen light - HEXB
LF salad cream ( 1 SYN)

Total SYN = 8.5

then had a few of OH chinese chips only 6.. yes i counted lol.. so that'll be all my SYNS for today

and I WILL stick to this even though i am posting my diary early !
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Thanks I now have the cereal bar's and i'll get some dried fruit in... also good to know a tbsp of olive oil can be this also ! cheers xx


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got weighed this morning as Fri has always been my wi in day and i have lost 2.5lb yey. very pleased as i came straight from ww which i struggled ALOT with .. woop woop

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