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gonna try again


Get back on the LT train...

You can do it hun xx
was really pleased with myself yesterday, had 3 shakes but then at 9 partner cooked me a lamb burger. I had some cabbage and a bit of the parsnip and potato mash too. And some almonds and a pear.
So I'm trying not to feel like I failed and get back on it today - learn from that, but it's kind of a shame as I could have done it yesterday, for the first time in a year if he hadn't come and found me I'd have been okay just with shakes. Anyway, ~I am hoping for success today. My other aim today will be to do breathing exercises for negative thoughts if they come up.
Have been reading other peoples diaries- so encouraging. I can't wait to feel better, to be energetic, having great sleeps, to love organising the house and cleaning.... thats how it was last time for me and seems to be for lots of people. well the sun has come out and I feel positive again....
better do some work.
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Welcome back macabar and good luck x
sorry still mentioning f**d

Yesterday had 3 shakes- but at 10:30 went doewn to watch tv - evil tv - and ate 2 hardboiled eggs w a dsp of mayonaisse, 2 tbsp homemade baked beans... 1/2 an apple.... 7 dried plums and 2 dried apricots.

So here I am today trying to tell myself no dinner! after doing fine all day.
Evenings obviously my problem.

Have been listening to Renee ?Stevens seems brilliant. Wish I knew how to download the first ones to listen to on the bus etc

Also qigong - think if I can stick with it, this will be the best way of re setting my anxiety problems, keeping level, basically getting past this food obsession- feel like one of those neurotic cats always biting themselves or watever.... rambleramble
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Macabar, ask yourself why...... If your really struggling and can't get past day 1 then make a decision to have two shakes a day and a couple of scrambled eggs for supper for a few nights. This should ease you into ketosis and make it easier.....remember though, absolutely nothing but 100% protein.

If you keep eating, and eating carbs as you have done, you're just making it extremely difficult for yourself cos you'll never get into ketosis.

Come on, you can do it!
Some days better than others.
I moved around a lot of heavy furniture and crates yesterday. I've been afraid to do much because of fear for my health with my heart bearing all this extra weight suddenly. After I did it- remembered my leverage and timing etc, I felt really pleased and surprised and much more confident in my body.
The taichi is good. Slowly making me feel that I can get my flexibility and lightness back again.
Now if only the signal to start stopping the food kicks in soon - good. Today only the three packs.
Have a dinner meeting on Wednesday- but time is opening up.
Feeling more optimistic.
Trying not to feel 'if only I'd been like so and so I'd be at the same point' - it's a long term change I'm looking for.
And, control - sweet control.....
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Still trying

"dear diary", I'm trying to be positive. It's hard, this depression is not just going away by itself.
Anyway I haven't had any sugar binges, but haven't got through a day yet. At least my intake is more healthy now, not like a bottle of wine and some lasagne or whatever madness I was pursuing for the last year and a half.
Got some crystal lite and am getting through the water, which might help.
tai chi 1 hour.
1.5 l water, 2 green tea, 2 coffee,
3 packs.
at 5pm 2 chicken thighs no skin. Then at 11, a little piece of cheese, some peanut butter, then, damn, damn, damn, I'd forgotten at midnight, C's leftover pasta!
Anyway still trying.
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same deal, absolutely fine til evening habit confronted.
No exercise to speak of apart from a tiny practice.
However did deal with very nearly all of my difficult emails and moved everything on quite a bit.
weight 240.6- so it is going down anyway- maybe I have stopped the upward trend anyway


Determind to do it!!!!!!!
Hello darling. It can be SO hard at times. I am having the same problems. I am trying to avoid carbs at my bad moments at least. I am going to come on here when I get to the mad time, just to see if it can help me avoid the demon.

I was so happy when I was doing well, I just feel like a failure now. Sorry.

Take care, and just keep trying.

Oh yes, I have got a book called 'How to stop binge eating' It looks very promising, a self help book.
Hi fgs74!
Thanks for your encouragement, it really helped.
I came in and had a bath then an early night, avoided the tv- All my bad habits are messed up together. But now I'm awake really early.....
Yes I think it helps to tone down the unscheduled food so at least it's healthy- and would be ideal like you are doing, carb free. Maybe the water helps too.
I was on LT a while ago and lost a lot, it was great, so new and strange and emotional to be even a couple of stone away frpm my goal. I went travelling for three months, came back and maintained well for quite a while. Then I got into a few difficulties and remembered my old coping tricks- and here I am, nearly as heavy as before originally starting on Atkins. And I'm sure feeling it!
So this time it has to be a deeper change.

I will look for that book.

You take care too. I hope you got through last night ok and good luck today... don't beat yourself up, and you keep trying too.
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239 - got through day 1, it was worth it. Day 2 is worse I remember though..... will try anyway
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Good luck for day 2!!!
If you get stuck just come on here and you will find a couple of hours have passed before you know it lol

Got to day 3. last time day 4 was the absolute pits and I have to interact with loads of people tomorrow:eek:
hoping for the best today too, drinking drinking drinking
the more you drink the more you shrink my mantra again
In ketosis already, in the mid pink. I thought that would take longer.
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Seriosuly well done for getting where you are!!!
I agree, getting through day 4 is the tough one but if you can get through this then you have cracked it and you will sail through the rest of it!!! But you never know, it might not be too bad for you on day 4, you may have done the worst of it!!!
Hang on in there and keep up the good work!!!

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