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    had a good first day at work everything went smoothly strange after 6 weeks thougt everything would go wrong
    no one noticed i'd lost 2 stone :cry: coz everyone was buzzing blabbing about there frantastic hols i didn't have one coz i moved house .
    I know this is nothing to do with weight loss but 2 weeks ago my best friend my only friend really!! fell out with me well she must have ..after some gossip was said about her she asked me at the time if i'd heard it i said yes BUT its gossip and thats all ..she said i should have told her what was being said ! she hasn't spoke or answerd my texts or emails or calls sinse i'm very upset but nothing i can do i have tried even mailed a friend of hers asking if she's ok and get her to get in touch but nothing
    soooo was happy today about the move going back to work losing weight ect but no one to tell any more oh well moan over ..
    hope tomorrows a better day :)
    i keep smiling ..

    debz x
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  3. tafflass

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    awww babes,
    sorry nobody said about your they did notice and were jealous so didn't say x
    main thing is that YOU know you have lost weight and will continue to do so.
    hope your friend comes around to seeing that it wasn't your fault and you start talking again.
    we're all here to hear about your weight loss and to support you so your not alone in that x
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    the way i look at it is, is she really that much of a good friend if she is ignoring you over something so petty like gossip? ok you shouldve maybe told her what was said but she is being utterly pathetic ignoring you over it! pah!!!!

    Glad your day at work went ok - dont worry about people noticing, they will in due course :D x
  5. chooky

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    Glad your day went well at work. It's never easy first day back.

    I do wonder if others are just jealous when they don't comment. My husband has lost a stone and a half on LL and his boss insists he doesn't look any different!!! But then that comment comes from someone who smokes 60 a day and lives on takeaways!!

    Keep up the good work, you're doing brilliantly!

  6. cj1

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    I find there are so many people out there that begrudge you losing weight and would do anything to sabotage it. I have a few friends like that and the only reason they behave that way is because they are overweight too! They dont feel so bad about their weight if they arent alone!
    Perhaps thats the case at work, your efforts are only reminding people that they should take action too.
    As for your buddy, i bet she comes round. My best friend stopped talking to me a few years back over something daft. We didnt speak for 6 months and I left her to it. Then one day she just called and we picked up where we left off!
    You know what the man who lives in a tent says?
    All things blow over!
    ( A little diamond from my Dad! Ha ha!)
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