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got a question- need an honest answer!

Lots of people add a meal until they are in Ketosis to help ease into the diet, so don't feel bad if you do have something. I added a meal as directed by Exante on the 5th week and had one of my best losses week!

You could have some skinless chicken breast and broccoli maybe. A plain omelette. Or even just a boiled egg. Maybe a can of tuna?

There is not much in this world that is completely free of carbs but they are "safe foods" if you have little portions. If you look at the stickies there is a list of ketogenic friendly food that may help you.

This headache DOES pass :( Its horrible when its happening though. Good luck x

Edited to add the link for you:

i just dont want to feel like ive failed! i get all geared up and then i cant even make it through day 1!
This is the part that vexes me about this diet...how easily we all convince ourselves that unless we have just the 3 packs that we are one big failure! I am so guilty of that myself!

Its just not true.

We are on the diet...every single day we wake up making the choice to make changes and we set about having our packs...having an extra pack or an egg is NOT failure! Its being sensible when things are a little tough we are combating it in a SAFE way that is very exante friendly.

I think if having an egg is the difference between coming off altogether or keeping on...then the egg wins hands down! Its not a failure...its very, very sensible.

Be kind to YOU hun xxx
thank you so so much i needed that! i just dont want to effect my weight loss so much that i give up all together but as you say if i dont do somthing that will happen anyway!
Wow SummerRain... What a super way to look at it...

It's my first day like Shells so my head is banging out a tune too... Am going to see if a little helps, so soon as I get in from work I'm going to try 40 winks...
i have broken up a bar into three and had a third seems to be working :)


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Lots of water, painkillers, determination are all very well but sometimes that little bit extra now and again does help.... I've had 4 packs a day at least 4 days this week cos I was just soooo hungry plus I have tea with skimmed milk now and again ~ I just can't do without it. Whatever gets you through as someone else said :)


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Water water water and rest!!!!! If you need it have a lil bit of food like chicken breast or tuna xxx

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i sent hubby down to the shop for eggs lol havnt had one yet but i feel better knowing i can if that makes sense lol
whens your first weight in namaste? im getting all excited for you lol


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I agree, this does not last. I even reached the stage when I forgot to eat. Be kind to yourself, warm bath, early night and tomorrows nearly here. Don't beat yourself up over an egg! Days 1-3 or 4 are as bad as it gets then you are fine. It just gets so much better.


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whens your first weight in namaste? im getting all excited for you lol
In the morning:eek:......... I'll definitely lose and then you, madam, can concentrate on catching up!
im still 100% havnt had anything else! think i may actually make today :) i think my biggest problem is im stressing that i cant eat! i didnt get fat through depression i got fat because i love my food!
I hear ya hun... Food is my weakness... I put on most of my weight because my job is soooo social. We are always out for breakfast, lunch or dinner & sometimes twice the same day!!!
I'm doing ok now apart from the headache!
I've had ibrufen seems to have worked

I am just at the end of day 2. I have taken loads of water and pain relief tabs and its just not working. I am hoping tomorrow will be better.
Also I take one bar and two shakes a day just wondering is this ok?
Also I am mixing pure lemon with the water?

best of luck to everyone and heres to a stone lighter soon........I hope :)

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