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Got over 100 lbs to lose? Roll Call!!

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Minimins is full of people who are starting a major journey. There are the WeMITTS (We Mean It This Time), Weight Loss sections, and now we have The Century Club.

This place is for people who want to make the journey from ThreeLand, to Twoterville and all the way down to Onederland! :D

The new year is upon us and the time is right, so what are you waiting for?! :cool:
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Count me in!

What a great idea!! One of the hardest things Ive found in the past is having such a huge task in front of me and feeling like I was the only one who had so much to lose.

Ive decided against goiug to a WW class, as I said before, too many people there crying theyre fat ie: Cant fit into size 10 jeans or their bikini in the summer. Even a 'good' weight loss at a class doesnt do much to improve my feelings, it feels like such a small drop in such a big ocean.

I love the idea of there being people like me who have a long task ahead. I think the support here will be exactly what I need to help keep me on the straight and narrow.

Im starting on January 2nd. Im not going to kid myself that Ill be good tomorrow, and Im not going to start off badly lol

So January 2 is DDay. And for once I have a renewed enthusiasm for things. I DO actually think Ill get somewhere this time. :)


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Lovely to have you with us Sandy!! :D Get some rest tomorrow - 2007 is gonna be a busy but fantastic year! :cool:


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Blimey honey, that sounds rough!! :eek: ok, see you Tuesday!:D
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Fortunately I have never been in three land...not for lack of trying though! I want to get back to onederland though! The last time in my memory that I was there was in 1998 when I was on chemotherapy and dropped from 16 stone to 8 stone.


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That sounds like a mega scarey time!!! :eek:
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This sounds like a thread for me. I have to lose about 124lbs I am determined that by the end of 2007 I will be half the woman I am...lol. I started my diet this morning and I am determined this will be the year I finally lose my excess weight.
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May I join you guys - After seeing Jodie's success I am determined not to let anything else get in my way this year. I've already drunk my first 750ml of water and as soon as I'm dressed I'm off for a walk!:D

I want to be at my half way point by the summer but I know I'm going to need help

Please ignore any typos!
Good Luck to you all, I will be watching here avidly, and will be around for tips and stuff too, The route to Onderland is open x


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Well Peps,

As much as I like to deny to myself that I don't fit in here - truth is I do. So have got my head out of the sand - and here I am....

Done myself a ticker, and gonna do a photo session today to keep a record of my journey - will treat this as a 'first time' :)

Have sorted myself out a diary, and drawn myself out a 100 day countdown..... never managed 100 days before, let me do it this time.....

Sure you will see lots of posts from me on here!

Good luck to each and every one of us :)

Oooh and hello HelenG - long time hun :p how are you?
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Good luck everyone!!!:D You know I'm here for you all....and even though I'm not "technically" a member of The Century Club....I'll still pop in to both give & take!!! :D :D


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Wow, how lovely to see so many people! :D You know, I reckon I'll be meeting a good few of you at the Slimmer of the Year in December - we're gonna be half the size we are now this time next year :cool:

And really nice to have the support from you others - those whips and boots may be needed, and I know I'm gonna need my Diva Lady's headstuff! :D


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Count me in! I hope anyway, I wanted to loose 126, and now have 96 pounds too loose, but unofficially as I have no weigh in that figure is more likely to be 100 pounds left to loose.

Well done a great thread!


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Welcome to the Century Club Ajax :D
S: 22st3lb C: 21st8lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 44.6 Loss: 0st9lb(2.89%)
Well, kinda got through the first day but as you can see from the time I'm not finding it that easy to get to sleep.

Do I have to start my own thread or can I just keep posting on this one?

Hello to all those who remember me - I mainly read but occassionally post. I would like to post more often but I find it hard to keep up with all the threads.

Geri, you said you have started a diary and a countdown - have you done these on-line or 'at home'? I like the idea of the 100 day countdown.

I've given myself a couple of goals :rolleyes: 1st one was to get through the first day & I can pat myself on the back for that one:D , next goal is to make it through a whole week:eek:

Can you tell that sleep deprivation is beginning to take its toll:confused:
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