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Granola & Breakfast


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Well after skipping breakfast for years, now is the time to sort it out.

I hate eating in the mornings (probably the only time I do hate eating!) but it's just tough, will have to get used to it.

Having a decent breakfast is only 1 step in the right direction but I want to get it right.

I have just got some Jordan's Honey-Baked Crunchy Oat Granola (I'm told Granola is a good shout when coming to weight loss and needing to eat breakfast?) and I was wondering:

  • What should I have with it? (milk or pouring yogurt etc?)
  • How much should I have?
  • Are all Granola brands near enough the same? Someone has suggested getting the Quakers Oats stuff.
And has anyone got any suggestions for a quick and simple healthy breakfast?

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The first thing I would suggest you do is have a good look at the packet. Before I buy any cereal I look at how much per serving there is in sugar, as I think this should be as low as possible. I always try to find a muesli without any added sugar.
The other thing I would suggest is to then weigh out the suggested serving given on the packet, so you know how many calories, fat etc you are eating and will mean that you won't be consuming more calories than you think you are.
I also try to pick an oat based muesli, cereal, granola, as I feel oats help me feel fuller longer.
I usually have milk, but a natural fat free yogurt on my muesli is really nice for a change.

Hope this may help.
a lot of granolas can actually be just as full as sugar and rubbish as stuff like coco pops so have a look at the ingredients list.
if you go for a museli again have a look at the ingredients list and see how much of consists of actual cereal/dried fruit/nuts.
i find that yoghurt is nicer than milk with cereal personally, even just plain low fat natural yoghurt, and have some fruit on top to make it healthier eg chopped banana, sliced kiwi or berries.

some other simple breakfast ideas are:
-porridge (made with plain rolled oats and water) with honey and berries
-weetabix with raisins, almonds and skimmed milk
-low fat natural yoghurt with honey and chopped banana
-wholemeal/granary toast with baked beans
-oats, natural or greek yoghurt mixed with vanilla essence, and sliced peaches
-porridge with raisins and almonds

hope this helps :)
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ahhh, is 'Granola' what we (UK) know as muesli?


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go for yogurt, honey and berries everytime yummy xx
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I hated breakfast and usually the most I could manage was an apple but I was told to eat Granola to help lower my cholesterol and I absolutely love it. Best to make your own then you know what is in it. It is very easy - if I can make it anyone can! (Jumbo oats, cracked linseed, omega rich seeds mixed with a little honey and toasted in the oven. You can add nuts but I don't as they don't like me) I have mine with apricots and Irish yogurt, which is low fat and probiotic. The great thing about it is that it really keeps you feeling satisfied all through the morning so there is no temptation to snack at coffee time.

Good Luck!
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For years I wondered why porridge wasn't keeping me full like it's supposed to.

And the answer is that, for me, nothing carby (even if wholegrainy) keeps me full for very long. Protein is what keeps me full.

So now I breakfast on things like ham sandwiches, smoked salmon on toast etc, and they keep me full for AGES. Sometimes I even have tofu for breakfast and that keeps me full forever too.

Protein at breakfast time rocks :character00180:

I used to keep full for ages on eggy breakfasts too but I seem to have developed an egg intolerance lately - they make me very very windy!!

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