gravy/stock cubes??


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:confused: I am thinking about a few weeks time when I will start 790/1000/1500 etc and wondered if there is any gravy or stock cubes better than others or if in fact it makes any difference when you get to that stage.

I am quite happy to have lots of veg with chicken etc and no/little potato but would like some gravy!!

any suggestions/advice?

Marigold is good .... and they do a reduced salt and an organic/reduced salt versions. I bought mine from Tescos.

Also in Tesco are stock cubes called 'Just boullion' which are lower in carbs than the others and come in Beef, chicken & veggie varieties.

Hope this helps! :)
Would be nice to know when we can introduce them - when I asked about stock in Corby I was told it would have to be the veggie drink flavouring even on 1000.

Like the sound of the 'Just boullion' ones debbie :)