Group meetings how do group leaders react to slow losers!


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I had 21lbs to lose, took me 18 weeks....slow and steady is the way and it's stayed off.
I love staying to group every week and clapping members as they receive their awards etc. My consultant is always there to chat and offer advice and also has lots of ideas to help everyone along. She's so supportive.
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I lost on average 0.8lb a week over my journey, though it went up and down, and my consultant was very supportive and always happy for me when I got back on it and showed faith in me when it took time. I think she is still losing (slowly) with her own weight loss so she has been there!

I think losing slowly means you learn all the habits and really value what you've achieved, and maybe consultants realise this too.


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Sounds like there are some good consultants out there. I know I could lose quicker, but I'm a comfort eater and sometimes life gets in the way, but the way I see it small amounts coming off are better than any amount going on.


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As long as it comes off and stays off i couldnt care how long it takes...i dont feel remotely deprived


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How slowly or quickly you lose the weight depends on a variety of factors really, I'm hearing a lot of "as long as it's going in the right direction" in the thread and completely agree.
I know that people have commented on how much I have personally lost over such a short time but I was quite big when I joined SW so it is pretty natural for it to come off more rapidly in the earlier stages and then slow down.

It takes as long as it takes ultimately, if you try to stick to the plan as best you can then you are pretty much onto a winner, the skills you learn here are all about looking after yourself.

I regret not joining slimming world sooner but I tried other diets and strategies first before deciding to take the plunge here.

Taking the scale-reading out of your hands and to someone else is one of the main reasons I go to group, that and the fact that people are congratulated on losses and those who gain can obtain tips from people at the guidance of the consultant.
Having a bad week and still going to group takes courage and group is a great way to be dusted off and popped back on track. A food diary and an SAS plan to see if you are unwittingly sabotaging your own slimming can be handy, especially with a consultant to give you an objective opinion on things where you may need to make a minor change is very handy.

I admire anyone who can have the discipline to do it online but I feel I would cheat myself! :p

Anna Luna

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Found this on the slimming world website;

"We often see people who take the fast route, the motorway to slimming success, and end up so exhausted at the end of their journey that they relapse. Those who take the scenic route still reach their destination, maybe a little later, but they've had a much more pleasant journey and are in great spirits to continue. So, be kind to the most important person you know - you."


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Thank you. What a lovely statement Anna. I wouldn't want to take anything away from those with excellent willpower who can stick to the diet as I am full of admiration for them. However it's good to know there's a place for us on the scenic route too.