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Growth Scan's - Had it today - put 18lbs on in 2 weeks...


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Hi ladies,

Happy new year to you all!

Went for my 34 week appt today and MW has referred me for a growth scan due to baby measuring above the top 90 Percentile...

Anyone know what this means and anyone had this before?

What will they be worried about - will it be lack of waters etc or just a giant baby??

Is this something that can result in induction etc?

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Hi i had this problem but with mine they were worried about a small baby - under 5lbs 8oz. I think in really bad cases it can lead to induction but they wouldnt as 34weeks....dont wanna worry u but with the women i no that have been told they are having huge babies (i mean like 12lbs!!! they suggest a csection). But I wouldnt wait till u have had the scan and if the baby is big they will give you the options, u might just have lots of water. Fingers crossed it is just fluid! x

Just to add when they do the growth scans they can be wrong after having them from 28-36 weeks they stopped as they said my baby was 6lbs 8oz at 36 weeks and when she was born at 39 she was 6lbs 6oz but it works the other way too my cousin was told her baby was 9lbs and was only 6lbs!!! Hope this helps, kinda lol x
I had scans to check my 2nd baby's growth. Basically I was measuring large for my dates so they sent me for a scan at 34 weeks baby weighed 6lb, and they said if baby kept growing at a fast rate I would need a section, so they scanned me again after 2 weeks and there was little increase in baby's weight. Consultant said that babies can have a growth spurt inside as well as after being born and that's what had happened in my case. She was born at 40 weeks + 1 day weighing 7lb 7oz.

They will monitor you, check for gestational diabetes etc and if all is ok and you're not having a huge baby they will just let nature run it's course.

Good luck and let us know how you get on. On the plus side you get to see your baby again!


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Thanks so much ladies,

Lisa that sounds pretty much like what they think is going in with me, at 28 weeks baby was 1lb over weight but they let it slip and wanted to see how things went, but looks like baby still growing at a hefty rate so fingers crossed when i have the scan it will have slowed down a bit...

waiting for midwife to call me anytime with appt, meant to be moving house to london on friday, looks like thats out the window if i will need a scan later on...

Baby comes first though and things happen for a reason!

Will let u know how my little chunk is getting on as soon as i know!

Thanks again

Hiya do u no what weight the baby was?

My baby was up there at 28 weeks. then 31 and 35 weeks she was down to just above the 50th percentile.

just have to remember as well scans are not 100% accurate
If it helps i hear that bigger babies are easyer to push out!?


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Mrs DD i was given an apt today with Consultant Miss Williams - and we are snowed in so cant make it, so still dont know how big baby is or whats goin on... im going crazy sittin in the house, they were going to scan me on Monday and thn decided i would have an appointent instead with a consultant peadiatrician is it?

so been sat waiting patiently for that only to be snowed in today :(

Hope baby is ok - was getting braxton hicks all night and was frantic it was going to turn into labour and i would give birth at home by accident as no one could get here!!



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p.s - just waiting for midwife to ring to tell me what to do, she said she would try and get to me at home if i couldnt go out just to check BP etc but dont want her driving in this its awful xx


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I had a lot of growth scans with both my girls, My 1st was 5lb at 32weeks and i was carrying alot of fluid, my waters went at 38weeks and she was 12lb 9oz with this one i had a hell of a lot of fluid and had to be induced again at 38weeks and she weighed 10lb 6oz

1st labour lasted 12hrs i had spinal block was cut and they used forceps
2nd labour lasted 5hrs and i just pushed her out with gas and air


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Had my growth scan today,

Baby is marvelous, water is fine and baby estimated delivery weight is 7.5lbs - 8lbs...

I on the other hand have sugar in my urine and have put 18lbs on in 2 weeks...

my hands are swolen and so are my feet!

Consultant says 80% of it must be water as not possible to put that much weight on in 2 weeks...

I now have to have an anesthetic review next week, and have to go in to hospital on friday for blood tests and be given controlled leels of glucose as they are worried i have gestational diabetes...

if it turns out i have, they will dsicuss induction etc with me on Thursday :(

Also got to have another growth scan in 2 weeks to make sure none of this is affecting baby...

Wonderful day :(



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Aww hun don't worry, if it's GD it's very easily managed and it's better for you and baby that they find out now, rather than babys blood sugar levels crash after birth - at least this way they can keep a closer eye on it. Just watch your carb intake (don't cut them out completely) and be sensible with your diet but honestly don't stress as that can send your glycaemic levels soaring too. If you want any more info PM me (I worked as staff nurse in a diabetes clinic when I first qualified) *hugs*


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Probably Shel, it was at Arrowe...

Saw a man as well with the most rediculous name that i cant remember!

but saw 4 people all in all so was having trouble remembering my own name lol

They were all lovely though!

Fatfighter - Thanks for your reply, if i is GD, they were talkng about induction as im 36 weeks anyway, they were worried as said i slipped through the net and should have been seen at 20 weks onwards...

Do you know what will likely happen if the test results are bad, and also due to me putting 18lbs on in 2 weeks? They were also hinting that a natural birth is not going to be an option depending on Friday...

Wish they would just tell me straight, but i understand they dont want to wory me etc!



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They'll discuss induction and section with you purely because babies tend to be bigger (though not always the case) because the babies feed on the excess sugar and put on fat, and labour can be slower causing complications (though again, not always the case.) If it is GD i don't understand how it hasn't been picked up before now, via your urine if you "slipped through the net" for a GTT??? Is your MW a bit useless?
What's your blood pressure like? They should be keeping a very close eye on that due to your weight gain and fluid retention.
If it is GD then you and your baby will be closely monitored after birth, make sure you feed your baby within the first hour after birth if possible to prevent his/her blood sugar levels becoming too low. They may have to feed the baby with a glucose solution if that happens and s/he'll have her blood sugar levels tested regularly for the first few days after birth.
For you, the symptoms should disappear within a few weeks after the birth but a healthy diet is essential for you to prevent you going on to develop type 2 diabetes. It all sounds scary but with a few simple changes and good care it's not really.
Let us know how the tests go, good luck!


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I cant remember the last time i gave a sample, its been a good 6 weeks i think... so when i gave my tinkle to them yesterday they were quite angry that i had been missed...

Also due to my weight flying up so quickly and me not being referred - in merseyside they have a new policy that if your BMI is over 30 at booking you need special reviews etc with anesthetic review blah blah and i managed to get to 36 weeks with nothing!

Anyway, induction would be good as hubby has to go to kenya for 6 weeks with the army a week after baby is due, so if i had baby next week or whenever it would give us more time...

Going to stay positive and see what happens at the GTT tomorrow..

Blood pressure is always low, so thats not a problem i dont think, it has been as low as 45 at some points so think HBP is the least of my worries lol

Thanks so much for your reply, i'm alot more in the know now, they didnt tell me anything yesterday, whether that is so i dont worry i dont know, but feel better now i have more info so a huge thanks!

Fingers crossed for tomorrow!



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Thanks chick xx


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Hi girlies!

Sorry not been on, had all sorts of follow up appointments etc, been in hospital more than ive been out!

Went for my GTT on Friday, my fasting level was 4.4 and my controlled sugar level was 4.7 - better than most apparently, adn absolutely nothing to worry about, she said if the number gets above 7 that is when they worry...

Also the consultant had lied to me and there were infact no sugars found in my tinkle...

He also got my Fundal meausrement to be 42, then my MW got it to be 37 so again hes an arse!

Basically there is nothing at all wrong with me, OR THE BABY!

Had to go for a follow up appointment today and the MW's were all shocked as to why i am now High risk but are following protocol none the less...

Also met with a consultant anesthetist today who was absolutely wonderful, painted a bit of a dark picture but she had to, and now im completely clued in...

Only thing that has really upset me is that because my BMI i over 35 - it was 34 at booking.... im no longer "allowed" to have a water birth, so hoping with my hypnobirthing etc i can still have as natural birth as possible with as little input from the MW drug wise and hope it to be calm and peaceful etc - i am open minded about this i promise! lol

bring on the pethadine! kidding

Anyway, thankyou all sooo much for your concern, seems it was all for nothing but to be honest im glad i went for all the tests as i know there is absolutely nothign wrong with my LO



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glad to hear all is ok hon :)

you aren't allowed a water birth if your bmi is over 35?

mine was 34 at booking and the midwife said she wouldn't be weighing me again... haven't really asked about water births yet but i'm starting to really fancy it...

abz xx

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