grr - lost weight then ate


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I had my first weigh in on tuesday, lost 7lbs and then got home and ate. I havent stopped since.

Im out of ketosis, constipated, depressed and weighing loads.
Why did I do it!! Im so mad at myself.

New weighin on tuesday and not only will I not have lost further weight, but i will have regained my loss.

dammit to hell.
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you are not the only one.. i do this!!! also i sometimes start eating the day before i weigh in,not just with this diet others as well!! its like self destruct :(. Just get back on the diet and you will be fine, ive done good today so feeling good.

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draw a line under it and start over. You can't do anything about what you have done, so look to the future.

Good luck


I do this aswell.... its either just before a good run then a weigh in, or done well in then weigh in then crave junk..

Why do we do this???


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dont fret stick to it from now to Tuesday and see if you can lose some more


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yesterday went better - today is looking hopeful.

I hope i can lose by tuesday.


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Glad to see your back on track Duchess, stick with it and hopeully it won't show on Tuesday.


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I'd suggest you have a think about why you ate. Does part of you not want to lose the weight? Do you think you don't deserve it?

Better to figure this out rather than sabotage yourself again I'd say. This losing weight business is as much, if not more, about your head than anything else.


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I know - you guys make great points. These 3 days have been easier - no broken rules.

I ate probably becuase i wanted a reward (but i did it in secret) so i continue in secret for 3 days - plus by then i was tom and ravenous for choc.

Weighin is tuesday - i will hold on tightly until then and see my doom.

Every choice has a consequence. So if i dont loose (unlikely) then I can pray to have stayed the same.

If i have gained weight i dont know what i will do.