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Grrr blew it!!


Working on it
After being sick, passing out and hitting my head earlier I figured that I probably wouldn't eat for the rest of the day but I just blew it on three slices of pepperoni pizza from dominoes and waffles with toffee sauce... It was over a thousand calories!!!! Going to have to do some serious exercise to counteract it this week or at least do sone damage control! X
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Wait till your better tho :) we don't want you knocking yourself out (literally) and waking up with no recollection of your diet again lol (blame the pizza on temporary amnesia haha we won't tell!!)

Mmmmmm waffles.......

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Working on it
Lol! Clearly it's the only way to go!!! And actually the waffles weren't that good! Should have cut my losses at the pizza! X
your human and these things happen, lol more often than it should for me, just draw a line under it and carry on ul be fine! x


Likes to eat
You didn't blow anything! You've been doing really well, and one little slip isn't going to hurt you. Just carry on as normal - if you can get a bit of extra exercise in, then that's great, but don't put too much pressure on yourself / eat a lot less because then you're more likely to get hungry and/or stressed and grab something a little less healthy out of convenience.

Finally, maybe you were craving this stuff? In which case, maybe your diet is a little too strict, and a planned treat meal once in a while (maybe once a week or so) may help with that :)

Good luck getting back on the wagon - they make regular departures, so don't worry if you fall off one from time to time.


Working on it
Thank you!! Am back on the wagon today, feeling a little better now as well. Am going to try and get a little more exercise in this week to counteract xxx
I'm a little concerned you were sick and passed out - that's not normal. DO you know what caused it? Glad you're feeling better today x


Working on it
Yeah I've had it before I've got a slight medical problem that can cause it and forgot to take my medication. Luckily my diet doesn't affect it! X
Lol I blew it again today :( first my willpower had a tiny muffin sized crack but then it was like a damn busting and I had a mad Hoover up of anything food related haha but I'm sooooo not sweating it this time!!! I've eaten 1200 cals worth of crap but so far I'm not hungry again so I'll have a skimpy 200 for tea an drink a million gallons of water at the weekend!! Hopefully it'll flush said crap out before WI :)

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Some good advice from the others. Glad you are feeling better.

I believe in drinking lots of water so much! I drink over 3 litres everyday (5 x the 660ml bottles). I had to build up to it but i don't need the toilet every 5 minutes.

My skin, hair and nails look great and my tummy is flat, love it.

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