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Grrrr..... am I wrong to be so annoyed?!


Slimming down the aisle
I bought a few bits on eBay back on the 13th of this month. I asked her to send me a new invoice because she offered combined postage. She took a week to do that, and so I paid on the 22nd. I emailed her at the weekend and asked if I could just have a refund. The jeans were a size 22, which are almost too big. The tops were a 22 and they're definitely too big now. So while I wanted them 2 weeks ago, I don't anymore.

Logged on this morning to find a message from her last night... hi hun, yes sure i will refund when i get paid. Im really sorry about the wait it has been a tough few weeks. Do you have Messenger? sorry to be cheeky but im stugling to budge anymore weight so wonderd if you would talk about your weight loss diet? , Izzie xx

Is it wrong that I'm annoyed? I get that people have difficult times, but she could have told me that. I paid over 2 weeks ago. If she hasn't posted them out, she shouldn't have spent the money! I could do with a few new bits, but have to wait for her to get paid, and who knows when that'll be. I think I'm just being silly a bit. But it's still annoying lol
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Slimming down the aisle
Yeah I did. I've emailed her back asking when she gets paid, if it's like a week or so, I'll wait. If it's like a month, I'll say that she needs to either sort it or I go through paypal. I would have just liked the clothes while they would have still fit! But it's that she then wants my diet advice! lol
I think you're right to be annoyed. As someone who occasionally sells on Ebay I make sure I post out within a day of payment & I inform my buyer when the item is on it's way. And I never spend or transfer the payment until the item has arrived. Waiting 2 week's to post is unacceptable.
You could always put a complaint into Ebay about her, but unless she has a paypal balance you would still have to wait for a refund.
Personally I'd give her the benefit of the doubt for a little longer. But remember if you do want to complain about her you just have 45 days.


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I'd go through paypal straight away as you only have a limited time before you can make a claim through them... so best do it before it's too late!

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