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(GULP) huge step posting pics


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ok, i guess u may not see much difference but i decided to post a few pics First was taken 12 weeks ago and second was taken today, having now lost 3 stone 3lbs in 12 weeks.
i knew posting my horrific pics would be difficult but never realised just how strong my shame was. :eek:
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Cheryl you are clearly mad as there is a huge difference, look at your face my lovely... looking brillo, keep going xxxx


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What a difference darl! You can really see in your face and neck, waist, bust etc. You must be getting lots of compliments. A great effort and you should be really impressed with yourself.



has started again!!
No, no difference at all!!! You donut!!

You look so different, well done you!!! Its fantastic!!


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What an amazing difference, well done you!


Loving LT!!!
WOW, big difference, you look sooo different, well done, and don't ever be too embarrased, you are doing somthing really very positive with your life!!!
T x


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ty everyone :eek:. when i first compared the two pics i saw a nice difference in my face but the more i look at the pics the fatter the second pic seems to get.
ive gone from a size 28 dress to a size 24 so obviously my body shape must be changing :)


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S: 15st12lb C: 14st12lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 36.8 Loss: 1st0lb(6.31%)
you can really see the difference - I think when we look at ourselves everyday it is hard to notice what everyone else can see and you must definitely can see the change

you look fab :)


Staying on plan!
S: 16st9lb C: 16st2lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 35.4 Loss: 0st7lb(3%)
Congrats hun!
Way to go!


Will be slim!!!!!!!
wow what a difference!!!!! you look incredible! well done hunxxx


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S: 15st12lb C: 14st10lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 34.3 Loss: 1st2lb(7.21%)
Thats an amazing difference! You should be really proud of yourself xx
I can clearly see a different in your face and arms :) Well done


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thank you all so much for the lovely encouraging replies. im very touched :).
still a very long road ahead of me but step by step im getting there and the road is becoming a shorter one :D


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S: 19st4lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st7.5lb BMI: 30.7 Loss: 6st4lb(32.59%)
I think one of the hardest things to accept, is that you are doing well, especially when you feel you still have a long way to go (as I do!) Accept peoples compliments, and let it boost your confidence, it will work wonders! Keep going!


Step away from the chips!
Wow what an amazing difference! You should feel very proud of what you've achieved so far x

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