Gutted - proper 'flu


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It's the season I suppose.

I've made it all the way through week one on SS - no cheating, no eating scraps, and weigh-in this morning.

Lost 11lbs (or 21% of my total to lose) in week one.

Downside - I've caught proper influenza; doctor says I "have to" eat properly and has given me anti-biotics.

What should be elation is more like a boot in the groin!
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Wow well done on the lose, that's fab.
I had flu when I started last time but I kept drinking the shakes and I got better quicker then usual, must have been all the vit and mins in them!



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I never ate anything when I had flu just dosed myself up!


She's me in a few months
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Is it actually flu? Flu is a virus that doesn't respond to anti biotics, they're only given if the doctor suspects a bacterial infection, which rules out flu. If you have a respiratory infection (which can feel flu-ish) just dope yourself up, plenty of warm water or tea and keep on with the shakes, no need to come off plan!

And well done on a great first week loss!