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Hair Disaster

OMG i'm so upset!

Ok, so I go to a hair dressers 60 miles away from where I live because I know them, trust them and they always do my hair exactly how I like it.

Trying to save money, I decided to change to a hair dresser closer to home who only charges £35 for a full head of highlights (considering I pay £85 for a full head of high lights at the other hair dressers 60 miles away - plus petrol) anyway, they made a shocking job of it TBH and im proper upset. My roots are ginger and really patchy and the rest of my hair is a darker blonde than what I had before!

Ive made an appointment with my old hair dressers now but they cant get me in until 4th December so think im going to be wearing a hat until then!

Rant over lol x
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Oh No!!! But you know SJ it's probably not as bad as you think it is, once you have styled it etc, but what a shame for you, just shows that you can't always save money on things that are really important to us.

Can you ask your usual hairdresser to let you know if they have a cancellation before the 4th Dec and maybe you could get it done earlier.

Sending you hugs to cheer you up sweetheart. X
Will upload a pic later and you can have a look and let me know what you think :(

Two people here at work said I should complain and get my money back but im scared tbh lol.


Strutting her stuff
I know it's scary but I think you need to go back to the hairdresser and tell them you're not happy. At the very least they should be able to cover it up with a single colour which will be bearable until youcan go to your usual place
Defo ask for your money back as they've messed up. Hope you can sort something out though, what about a head band(thick one) to disguise the roots?


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Oh Hun! What a dreadful experience! She sounds rather suspect to me. I wonder if hairdressers have a regulatory body? I wouldn't let her near you again. I'd still go back and complain and ask for a refund and threaten to take it further.


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Awww hun! Grrr! I agree with Donnie - I bet it's not as bad as it seems. And it should mellow in time too.

(P.S nowt wrong with ginger roots ;-D lol )

I am suffering from a recent bad trip to the hairdressers myself, but mine was just a cut - colour is different!

fingers crossed it's ok hun - hugs



I will succeed!!!
Oh hun im not saying there is anything wrong with ginger roots! It just isnt even a nice ginger colour and looks silly with my super light blonde hair! x
Lol I know hun was just teasing. To be fair, after the years of abuse I had as a kid I've always been tempted, but colours seem to go squiffy in red hair so best not, esp with wedding ahead lol!!!

Woo for the apt! x


Grappling with life
Hope you get all sorted on Wednesday. I am a bit hairdresser-phobic. Last time I went was May. I generally only have my hair cut once or twice a year. Never colour it. Straighten daily. But I do look after it, when I "do" go for a cut they can't believe its in as good a shape as it is considering its lack of trims!

I know how awful it is to have a rotten hair day (which is how my fear developed) so roll on Wednesday for you.

Roll on Wednesday indeed!
It will cost well over £100 to get fixed and I will probably have t go brown first and then back to blonde but at least it will be done with a hair dresser i know and trust.
she ignored that saying she didnt believe in bleach.
Oh gawd, what an idiot she sounds!

I don't blame you for trying out somebody new though, hair can be such a huge expense.

Like you, I'd find it very hard to ask for a refund. But you've voted with your feet, you won't go back there again, so she has lost out in the long run.

Back to the one you trust then. ;)

Good luck!
awww pet that sucks hope u get it sorted :) but yeh defo complain theres no point paying money for such poor service. let us see the damage lol!

Go back and kick up a fuss.

don't be scared because there is nothing else they will do that give you a refund or sit you down and re-do it. I'd suggest that you dont let them convince you to do this as clearly they are not competant, but this will be thier first go-to. you may have paid £35 (which is teh cheapest iv ever heard of in a salon) BUT, it cost them about a tenner for the products.. so this is the cheapest solution for them. be as loud as you can, because they are more likley to give you what you want straight away as they will be very embarresed infornt of customers.

dont show reason, and be as strong as you can, You want your money back and thats final, if they chose to fight you on it, you tell them you'l be making every woman and gent in a 30 mile radius aware of what they have done, and you'l be making massive complaints (if they are part of a big chain?)

As for your hair, all you can at home if i'm 100% honest is buy some conditioner.. and wack it on. wrap in towel and leave for 20-25 mins a couple of times a week.. (as a hairdresser i shouldnt really say this) BUT when i had a bad bleach job a few years back, i did this and although no major improvment it did help and made my hair a bit brighter and less ginger, also.. it's good for your hair. But all you can do other than that is to keep checking for canelations.

Do you ahve a relfections near you? i don't like how they cut personally, but they are **** hot when it comes to fixing colours. opt for a sylist with 6 years expierance+ or a senior stylist. Art directors can be really expensive, and in my expierance 9 times out of 10 ahve been there as long as some of the stylists.. so just query it on the phone, and dont be afraid to ask, its your bloody hair! I dont let anyone touch my hair unless iv seen some good previous work! LOL x
Roll on Wednesday indeed!
It will cost well over £100 to get fixed and I will probably have t go brown first and then back to blonde but at least it will be done with a hair dresser i know and trust.

Sorry, have just read this bit.

Hun, if she colours your hair darker, i honestly don't know what she thinks she's doing.

there are 9 'stages of lightening', from black to very very blonde and everything inbetween. . the darker the more red in teh colour which is the hardest to remove and lighten, and obviously the blonder the less red.. She shouldnt be making your hair darker to lighten it again, it's unneccisary and even damaging to your hair.

and secound, what a twat the girl sounds like 'i don't believe in bleach'

Tint does lighten tint, and if you already have bleach in your hair, of course it was gunna go darker! what a frickin idiot.

Makes me laugh, half of these girls these days know **** all, and yet here i am.. and iv left the industry because of all of the twats in it.. and yet im sitting here knowing i could have done better..

*sorry* makes me mad when i hear about silly mistakes like this.. dont get me wrong, ist easy to do it, but when your being silly and not using bleach when its needed!? what was she expecting? hair is such a personal thing, she should have been more attentive to your needs and listened properly.

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