Hairdresser went mad.....what do you think?

Had a new haircut which is so different to my last style.

Not quite use to it yet.

What do you think?

Also I bought my first size 12 clothes today :D ok they were pjs but they fit and look good. Also they are a little skimpier than usual so hubby is happier:p

My bra size has dropped to 36D from 38E! I seem to have lost 4.5 inches all over.

Hiya JamesMummy - I think it looks quite nice if its the one in your avatar!! :)

By the JM, I have moved this thread into the Chit Chat section so that it can be more easily seen and responded to by all of our members and not just those on VLCD.
If it's the one in your avatar, it looks really nice :)

Well done for getting into a size 12 btw :D
Size12's !!! - I missed that bit!! Way to go JM!!! :D