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Hale....flippin.....luyah!!! -5lbs

After weeks of endless messing around,,mind games...work interruptions.....holiday interruptions........'my eating head' interruptions i have finally pulled myself up by the boot straps back onto the CD wagon!!! I have stayed on the forum, sometimes feeling fraudulent when reading how others are working the plan much more effectively and there's me spinning my wheels! Anyway, I am tenacious by nature..which can also be interpeted as having to always learn the hard way!! I am 5lbs away from going under the 12stone mark which is a huge milestone for me as havn't been there for 15 years and never thought I would get there again. So, the tricky bit is I have another work trip next week...away Wed through Sunday..lots of hours and stress.....so I am going to be tested!! I have avoided booking breakfasts at the hotel......plan to take tetras and bars. I need to focus on just regarding the days as normal work days...not an event to excuse over celebrating with food or 'treating myself' as i am working so hard. I am nervous about it!!! If I make an impulse decision to eat I am scared I will go back to square one ..again!!
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well done hun on the loss!
I feel your pain re working away, but if you feel the need to eat, then just stick to chicken and salad! you need to retrain yourself about food....you could cheat and eat for england, but there are repercutions (sp?) to this bad eating hun and you have worked so hard to get back on the wagon that there is no point coming off plan now!

You need to get it into your head and everyone elses...YOU DO NOT EAT REAL FOOD! lol and next time your eating head resurfaces....tell it to bugger off and eat a bar! lol
LMAO Lizz......that is going to stick in my brain!!! Even now my 'food head' is saying perhaps I could have a little something seeing as I have had a good weigh in.......CRAAAAZY!!! Thanks Nellyphant, hope you have a good 2nd weigh in.
ah, now thats part of the retraining!

New nail varnish? New top? New handbag? any of those....but NOTHING TO DO WITH FOOD!
I "treat" myself emotionally....sounds cookoo but i give myself a huge pat on the back and smile in the knowledge that every sinlge pound i lose, its taking me closer to the promised land.....GOAL!!!

And there is no food that tastes as good as being thin feels hun!!!!

It is the retraining that is imperative...otherwise it's just back to the old ways! I was just asking myself what clothes would I LIKE to wear! For years it has been what clothes will hide my body the best...and that come in my size. I see from your mood sign you are feeling sick? Hope you feel better soon. You have acheived amazing results and are streets ahead of me so I really appreciate the advice...huge thanks.
thanks hun! dodgy side effects to new anti-d's so signed off work! :(

What size are you now if you dont mind me asking? i visualise what i would like to be wearing, then see if i can find it on the cheap! lol. So i look at clothes and trends on the usual fashion websites and then see what i can find on ebay!

the retaining is the important bit i'm afraid...its ok losing the weight, that really is the easy bit, the difficult bit will be keeping it off and not giving into that food head mode again!
I know i CAN eat a cake....but it wont get me any closer to goal so i choose to stay away hun!
the way i see it, i have eaten all the tasty fatty food for years...hence why i'm on CD...and it will still be there when i am off the "diet"...but i know the consequences of eating that food as often as i used to...so its all going to be in moderation! need to practice what i preach though so watch this space! lol
I am now 14/16 and tend to carry all weight on my tum.....so for years it has been nothing clingy or with a waist! I would love to be able to wear jeans with a belt that I can show off, not hidden under baggy tops ! Also looking forward to buying boots I love rather than what I can get over my calves. So, I think my direction for the day is to keep those clothes thoughts in mind to blow the food thoughts that happen away...plus fill up on water everytime I feel a little hunger kick in. I have plenty of work too so will apply myself to that. Hope you adjust soon to the new medication and start feeling better, especially for your Disneyland trip :)

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