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Half of me has to go..

I started SW 2 weeks ago ( so 3rd weigh in today ) and got a heck of a shock when I was staring down at the scales display.. 33st 5.5lbs..

I knew I was over 28st as my scales at home go up to that, but I didn't think I was THAT far over..

1st week I lost 8.5lb on a diet that consisted mainly of either scrambled eggs or tinned spaghetti for breakfast, spaghetti or beans for lunch ( and SW minestrone soup one day, made by mom from the welcome pack recipe ), and chicken, taters, cabbage, cauliflower, and leeks for dinner.
With fruit for snacks.

Hoping for more of the same I stuck to roughly the same for week 2, but I only lost 1lb this week..

I'm not sure I'm doing it right, so maybe some of you seasoned "losers" :D can see what I'm doing wrong if anything?

Starting with today's menu.. ( 9/9/2010 )

BRK: Tin spaghetti.
LNCH: Tin baked beans.
DNR: Chicken breast, Roast potatos, steamed cabbage, leeks, Bisto vegetable gravy ( 2 syn? 2tsp in half mug of water )

HEA: 250ml semi skimmed milk ( taken in tea / coffee, not all used, maybe half? )
HEB: -
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Hi Coljack,
Glad I found you!!
The "rules" of slimming world are easy- variety!!!!!
You don't say if you are doing extra easy, red or green days but after a glance at what you're eating i'm guessing extra easy?
And also make sure you have all your hex's!
Take a look in the other food diaries, there will be millions of idea's there
P.s try not to guess quantities, as that can be lethal
Good luck!
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I've been reading some of the other diaries and have noticed on some that they are mix 'n' matching their HexA,s and HexB's... ( having 1 weetabix for breakfast and some crackerbreads for lunch for example ).. is this allowed?
someone in our group asked this last week and our consultant said no.. but the FAQ on the SW website says you can..
BRK: Nectarine.
LNCH: Tin spaghetti.
DNR: Large cod from chip shop ( 19 syn ) :sigh:

HExA: 250ml semi skimmed milk ( taken in tea / coffee, not all used, maybe half? )
HExB: -

I was depressed all day after yesterdays let down, I popped into the shop to get some more gravy and detoured into the chip shop on the way back to the car.
I was intending to take the batter off but one little bit that was stuck to a piece of fish and I ate it all.. :break_diet:
I must get some veg into me tonight.. got some "steam in the microwave" veg in the freezer so I'll do that a bit later..


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Hi, me again!!
I'm just wondering how many syns you are allowed each day?
My consultant allowed me 20 a day as I have many stone to lose, so if yours have allowed you 15 a day maybe get her on her own and ask if you can have 20.
you can have as many syns as you like, but if you go over a certain amount then you're only defeating yourself..
we were told we have 105 for the week.. so 15 a day..

as my usual daily syn so far has been for gravy ( at 1 syn per teaspoon of granules ) and my "treat" of a piece of pork pie with my salad at mom's for sunday tea ( 10 syns for 50g ) then I'm not having anywhere near 105 syns a week..

todays menu..

BRK: Nectarine.
LNCH: Tin beans.
DNR: Cod fillet done in the oven with SW chips. Microwave steamed veg.
Handfull of grapes for a snack..

HExA: 250ml semi skimmed milk ( taken in tea / coffee, not all used, maybe half? )
HExB: -

I really ought to start having my HExB's.. but I don't see the point in only having 1 slice of wholemeal bread and adding syns to it for the sake of a bit of fibre that I'm getting from the tater skins and veg..
If I don't loose much this week then I'm going to have a week where I eat everything I'm allowed.. all my milk, my bread, and my 15 syns a day..
hey there, well done on your first week loss and don't be disheartened by the smaller losses :) please try to follow the plan properly starting from now, as the way i see it, there's no point waiting a week to see if some variation of sw works when it is proven that the set extra easy, red, and green days work. if you get what i mean? if you don't want to have your full 15 syns each day, have whatever you can, but please try to have your healthy extras, and make sure 1/3 of your plate is superfree if you're having an ee day. also, if you find your losses are slowing, try and have lots of superspeed foods - melons, pineapple, berries, etc... there is a superspeed soup you can make and freeze in batches for quick meals, might help?

also, regarding syns per day... general rule, yes, is 15 a day, but consultants (who put a bit more effort into helping those who have lots to lose) can give you a different amount that is based on your body's needs. some people get away with 105 a week, i personally feel strongly about sticking to 15 a day and not letting any roll over. if i do go over, i reduce the next day (or atleast try to) but don't like intentionally having extra syns one day that i didn't have from previous days.

hope you've eaten more today - snack on superfree and superspeed, and increase your water intake: these things will really help you! have you been doing any form of exercise at all?

ali x
Hello, well done on your loss.
Are you not bored eating a tin at a time? SW has loads to offer and from looking at your diaries i really feel you must be bored already. I maybe wrong but my guess is before you started SW you ate variety and from what your diaries say you are not getting this now. To make SW a life change you need to make it enjoyable and want the meals, if i can help please personal message me.

I think the reason SW say variety is so we do not get bored.

Good luck with your journey.


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Your consultant must be strict!
I know that syn allowances increase for people with more weight to lose. In my class there were several with more than 8 st to lose and we were all started on 20 syns, two people who had more than 12 st to lose were started off on 25 syns a day.
As the con pointed out, it'll be easier to cut syns when the weight loss slows down, as it will, slowly and surely.
The syns were cut by 3 a day every two months until the "magic" 15 a day was reached.
I generally don't use most of my 105 syns a week already, so increasing it isn't a worry..
I don't drink so there's a lot of syns not used there..
My Dad, who started at the same time as me and my Mom, has a can or a glass of spirits most nights so he's got his syns planned for the week..

I'm generally lazy and don't like to cook at all ( hence why I got here in the first place ), so I don't really want to bother with meals that it takes half an hour or more to prep, or anything that needs watching..
My "diet" before consisted mainly of oven chips and various breaded or battered things to go with the chips, such as chicken dippers, crispy chicken, chicken nuggets, fish fingers etc and bacon sarnies for breakfast ( 3 rashers grilled in the combi microwave for 10 mins.. ).
If I couldn't be bothered to cook at all then it was kebab and chips or a medium pizza..
I like my sunday roasts so the chicken, roast taters, and veg is great.. I might get bored with it eventually but for now I love it..
The tinned stuff for lunch at work is for convenience.
I never really liked sandwhiches and used to skip lunch most days, prefering a good B.E.S.T or whatever from the local cafe at breakfast..

I've been at work 6 days a week, 07:00 - 18:00 and when I get home I usually fall alseep on the couch after dinner, sometimes waking up just in time for bed..

I'm still getting adjusted to this so give me a few weeks to get my footing.
If you dont like cooking you can still have variety, i have listed some low syn or free food meals you may like to try.

Mugshots - all are really low on ee except the cheesy ones. You just have to add hot water.
Pot Noodles in a cup, just add hot water. These are free on ee.
Sainsbury's vegetarian ravoli - 2 syns for whole tin, lovely on jacket potato or on toast.
Sainsbury's vegetable chilli - free on ee.
Pasta n sauce - made up with water dont use the butter, it is free.
Sun 12/9/2010

BRK: Mushroom omlette.
LNCH: Chicken breast, roast potatoes, leeks, cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, vegetable gravy ( 2 syns )
DNR: Salad, ham, chicken, 2 laughing cow trinagles ( HExA ) Pork Pie ( 10 syns for 50g )
Nectarine for a snack..

HExA: 2 Light laughing cow triangles. ( allowed 5 but only have 2 in.. )
HExB: -
Hi there, just looking at your diary & thought you might need a bit more variety ......or some pudding! lol

free puddings can be fruit with yogurt over - i partuclaurly like mixed berries with a cran & rasp muller light over it. add a meringue nest (3 syns) and you've a great pudding!

or try porridge for breakfast with a chopped banana over it. helps you get your first hea's and heb's of the day, and is really filling.

good luck!
Mon 13/9/2010

BRK: Nectarine.
LNCH: Vegetable Couscous.
DNR: Crab sticks, prawns, orange, Jaffa Cake Bar ( 6.5 syn )

HEA: 250ml semi skimmed milk ( taken in tea / coffee, not all used, maybe half? )
HEB: 1 slice whoelmeal bread.
BRK: Nectarine, tin of beans.
LNCH: Vegetable Couscous.
DNR: Lean pork chop ( x2 ), potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, leeks, gravy ( 2 syns )

HEA: 250ml semi skimmed milk ( taken in tea / coffee, not all used, maybe half? )
HEB: 2 Alpen Light bar.

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