Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!


Fighting Demons....
OK, I have to post a thread about this because I am feeling so utterly incredibly amazing. I lost 6lb this week!

So all of the horror of going deaf for three days after the Bullet gig and the bruises from the mosh pit, the 5 hour danceathon and being sick from going overboard. It all paid off!!

So I'm sat here, drinking my Hot Chocolate and eating my Cranberry and Raspberry bar and watching the gorgeous Calvin on Hollyoaks, with the hugest smile on my face.

And just for Anna, I even added a "3 stone down" comparison photo in my album. I have a little way to go. But I'm getting there!

B x
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Cherry Plum

One day at a time
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Wow Bekimo well done that is amazing, no wonder you are chuffed.


Fighting Demons....
Thanks ladies!!

There will definitely be no repeat performance of last weekend. I don't like being :9529:!! I think I learnt my lesson!

I am going out on Saturday but I plan on taking it a little easier and I'll have more than one pack before I go out too!!

B x


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well done beks
you're looking great!!


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Fantastic honey! You have now officially overtaken me on the weightloss and I am v.v.upset about that :p, kidding (obviously!). You are doing SO SO well!! Keep it up! Night sweetie xxx


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Well done Beks, 6lb gone forever no wonder your chuffed!!!!!!
Your looking fantastic too theres a big difference in the photo, well done.


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Well done your having great weigh losses. Keep up the good work!!!

lite at end of tunnel

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:DCONCRATS THATS GREAT:girlpower::wow::talk017: ,U GO GIRL WELL DONE..


Surgically happy.
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Very well done, Bekimo! You can see an amazing difference already and more to come :) Well done of doing so well this week!