Happy New Year Challenge - Christmas plan


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I have been thinking that it’s not really about a number of pounds for December (although some would be nice!!). I want to know that on the 5 January when I weigh in that I will be happy with where I am and how I've managed Christmas. To that end I thought it would be a good idea to state my plan for December, including how I intend to navigate my way through all those social occasions and festive meals. If anyone thinks this is a good idea then feel free to add your plan here and we can check in weekly to keep ourselves on track.

In December I intend to

  1. Stick to 4 packs a day 100% until Christmas Eve
  2. Christmas Day and Boxing Day – Christmas dinner with small portions of the higher carb vegetables, small portion of Christmas pud on one of the days. A couple of Hotel Chocolat chocolates each day. Glass of wine each day if I want it. Top and tail the day with packs if I feel the need.
  3. 27 to 30 December – keep carbs really low and a max of 2000 cals over 2 meals a day – brunch and dinner.
  4. 31 December – out for dinner at friends in the evening. Just have small portions of whatever is on offer and wine and something fizzy at midnight.
  5. 1 January – low carb brunch and dinner for my last hurrah!
  6. 2 January straight back on packs even if I have to get my OH to lock me up.
  7. 5 January – weigh in and wish myself a Happy New Year. :)
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Good plan x

In December I plan to do S&S 100% until Christmas Day. I will have Christmas Day off then back to 100% S&S on Boxing Day xx


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That's a great idea I must make myself a plan too because my weight loss has been slower this time around (15lbs in 5wks) that I'd be totally gutted if I got weighed after Xmas to find I had regained it all.

I have got a ton of big food days coming up. I've got Dinner on xmas day, then the whole family is eating out on Boxing day and New Years Day (both 3 course meals) so I will definately be having those 3 days off, and on top of that ive got another 3 planned nights out which all involve food so I'll definately need to try and be good the rest of the time although I do plan to be 100% from January until I get to my goal so I will let myself enjoy Xmas xx
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I am going skiing on 21st Dec, so aim to stay 100% til fri 20th December. Whilst away, I'm going to limit carbs (but not stay in ketosis as I will be drinking), by having a low carb breakfast, a pack each day for lunch as the only other option is sandwiches, and stay off bread / breads products like cakes. Oh, and do loads of exercise (skiing)!

When I get back, I'm going to do Atkins or Dukan style low carb until either 2nd or 6th Jan, depending on how motivated I feel....I'm organising a kiddies party for 20 on the 4th jan and I'm not back at school til the 6th - I find it much easier to start when I'm at school, so if I'm struggling, I don't want to restart and then give up / binge etc, so ill do Atkins or dukan until 6th Jan if needed.

Wow - I feel quite positive about this now - great thread, thanks!


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S: 131.5kg C: 110.6kg G: 85kg BMI: 36.9 Loss: 20.9kg(15.9%)
Well so far so good. I've managed to stay 100% despite the fact that there are lots of temptations coming my way. For anyone who has said they are stressing about what to do at Christmas, I felt much better when I wrote my plan down here. Took a lot of the uncertainty and bargaining with myself away. It was very busy in my head before then!!


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S: 131.5kg C: 110.6kg G: 85kg BMI: 36.9 Loss: 20.9kg(15.9%)
Very glad I made my plan this week. The temptation to eat this week to fit in socially would have been much stronger. All sorts of nonsense thoughts going on in my head - that friends deserve to enjoy a meal with me - really!? I am doing something almost every evening but I can enjoy my friends company without eating and they are used to me popping along with a pack. I really really want to make it under 100kgs so while that is still a possibility it's 100% all the way to Christmas Eve.


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Gosh I love this thread! Okay here's my plan:

1) SS 100% all the way up to and including Christmas Eve.

2) Eat protein low and carb vegetables on Christmas day (my odd treats would be tempura prawns, mini spring rolls/savoury hors d'oeuvres etc - not low carb, but what we usually enjoy)

3) Eat low carb and protein on Boxing Day.

4) Back to 100% SS on the 27th :D

So that's my plan. I'm not really bothered by evenings out/impromptu get togethers nor NYE but I want a guilt free, fully prepared and anticipated, two days off then back to the grind stone.

Please feel free to use harsh language and stalking to ensure I'm back in the fold on my appointed day lol x