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Has anyone noticed any health differences so far?


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Although I know I have lost more than the 24lbs on my thing (as I have not weighed for 4 weeks) I can already tell a difference in my health.

The reason I started CD was because I was short of breath a lot, and the scariest moment was in bed I could feel the weight on my chest stopping me from breathing.

Since I have started walking at lunch times and going to the gym a bit more (light exercise and swimming I might add) I can FEEL the difference.

No longer am I struggling to keep up with my colleagues in fact they keep telling me to slow down on my walks.

Swimming has become easier and I am getting faster doing a length in 47 seconds whereas before it was 63.

This is MASSIVE for me as my motivation was health!
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I was on holiday in florida for 2 weeks and had a break so I gave myself the 2 weeks after to get back into it (which I have 100%) so I can get weighed as if I didn't go away.

It's a psychi I can live with so I am sticking with it and it worked - I didn't stray once.

I am being weighed this week then next but then every 2 weeks after that.

I am better if I leave it longer and have bigger losses!

:) :) :)
I used to suffer terribly with heartburn...crippled me and since I've been on CD I haven't had it once!! Fab! xx
sorry for going off topic
my big change i have noticed is i'm less tired (i was really bad could everything was a struggle) and the pains in my legs and arms have gone. both i think was cause by dehydration.


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I suffer with asthma and my chest was getting really heavy and every morning it was a struggle to get going.

I have list nearly two stone and I hardly ever use my inhaler my chest is fine, I have been going on longer walks and find I can last a lot longer and quicker :)

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well I've been doing CD for ten days only, but something strange happened, I've been struggling with a foot pain for quite a few years now, have seen many doctors about it, and since I've started the diet the pain has really receeded...I wonder if it is the diet (not the loss obviously but the content of the food, maybe carbs had an effect on this pain) or maybe the higher water intake ? anyway hope it stays that way ;)

I am new, this is my 7th day on Cambridge and have a lot to loose. I am on 4 shakes a day and its my first weigh in tonight.

By day 2 my skin was feeling and looking better and I seemed to have more energy. Days 2-4 I felt great but days 4-7 have been really hard. I am not hungry but I am so tired I can hardly function, have nearly fallen asleep several times on the drive home from work and scared myself a bit. I have have huge problems with my menstrual cycle the last few years, but went on to the Merina Coil 6 months ago and have been bleeding free for 5 months, however on Sunday I got crippling cramps and have started bleeding.

I think its this that is taking out it out of me so much but I am really concerned that I am going to have to eat something soon to be able to function and not be asleep from 7pm every night. I really dont want to cheat, my head is so in this diet. Has anyone else experienced this?

Any advice would be really really appreciated.

L x


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lucy I have felt so much the same as you, somehow at the end of the week hunger just drives me crazy, or rather the lack of energy, and linving in a world of lightheadness (it's like being tipsy most of the time, really annoying). The thing that has been working for me is to get bread once a week. No much as I get filled quickly but still, the next day I have again the feeling I could go on forever with my diet. I'm sure there are other ways to deal with this and I can't wait to see what other people are saying.
Hi Illa,

Thanks for writing back.

Glad its not just me!

I am feeling a little better now. On Wednesday night I had a boiled egg and a can of coke zero along with one of my cambridge soups. It seems to have really helped, have tiredness has calmed down (though I still find it harder to concentrate... and seem to be constantly making typos!). The bleeding also seems to have calmed a bit and so have my cramps (though the giving me grief at the moment).

Think it was probably just my body getting used to the dramatic change is diet. Have decided to keep a bottle of coke Zero in my fridge in case I need a 'perk' up, but will try to avoid it and eating anything.

How are you getting on?

L x

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