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have bitten the bullet...

... and done a new ticker to show my new weight loss goal...

i want to lose 2 stone in the next 6 weeks before my hols.

have gained a few lbs this year for various reasons and have decided to go back to ss in order to get lower than ever!

original goal was 10,7 and now i would like to go to 9,7.

wish me luck!!! i shall be updating daily so watch this space.

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hey gemma, keep going! i am thoroughly in the zone and raring to go!

we are off to turkey, we love it there. but 1st time we have been after school hols... no kiddies yay!!!


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Were looking to go to Fethiye in September once kiddies have gone back to school.

Hows the counselling going I'm just waiting to hear back to see if I have passed training.
oh i love it. its great meeting people who i can relate to (for the first time in my 29yrs).

very satisfying.

BUT the only downside for me is when (or if) you gain any weight yourself you feel a bit crap!
I gained some weight this year after a 2 week caribbean cruise closely followed by being told my wisdom teeth had to come out in hospital...

I am a real wimp so i comfort ate... sorry to say that some old habits die hard. doing the CD or becoming a cdc is not a magic cure! we all need to learn some tough lessons and this thing called willpower lol!

but all in all i love it most of the time... people always running late or not bothering to come at all annoys me but hey ho thats life!

good luck with diet and becoming a cdc!
lol. i weigh myself daily hence the 1lb... would be a bit gutted if that was my weekly w.i.

so expect my '1lb loss' posts quite often.
sorry! just a bit of a scale-a-holic.

no 1lb'er today though, am thoroughly constipated. have got senokot to take and hoping for a loss tomorrow.

hope all other returners are on track x


Serial Dieter!
hey there, just reading about your being 'bunged up', I suffer too, but I've found if I have the fibre 89 every day (1 tsp in every shake, I don't need to take laxatives very often... Don't get me wrong it still happens sometimes, but it's not every week like it is without the fibre!

Glad that you're well and truly in the zone... Looking forward to seeing your weightloss on the 2 stone in 6 weeks challenge thread!!!
lol yes scales have shifted... another 1lb down and yes def less bunged up!

alipally, i find i become immune to the fibre89 and still need to take a lax once a week or fortnight.

some of my ladies swear by the fibre and never need laxatives. weird how we are all diff.

i will need to head back to the '2 stone in 6 weeks challenge' thread as i cant remember what day i started on there... i update and weigh daily so will need to work out how much to post for the weeks loss.

hope all the returners are doing well, good luck for another 100% CD day x
ooh good luck petrina!

i am one more lb down... 25 to go and 5 weeks tomorrow til hols.

no time to mess up!!!!!! but i am 100% in the zone.

hi gemma,
yes i am. its because the jollies are on the horizon and i am NOT buying new clothes. i want to wear the clothes i wore last year on hols when i got to goal.
there is no time to fail!!!!
how are you getting on?
the minute i say 'ooh a bite wont hurt' i am doomed. head down, guzzle water and a firm 'no' to all food and i am fine...
lol. x
Hi! How u doing today? Just read your going to Turkey in Sept. I've just came back from Turkey stayed in Olu Deniz. It was lovely and I stayed all inclusive. Hence the diet lol.
well another lb down... 23 to go!
just had to endure o/h eating a full english while i had a cup of tea aarrgghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love brekkies... i guess thats half my prob...
4.5 weeks now, so no time to come off my wagon.
have a good day all x


Staying on plan!
hi hun
well done for resisting the brekkie!
glad you are still in the zone!

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