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have you always......

S: 18st13lb C: 18st13lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 41.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
battled the bulge? i have always been overweight only slimmed down to get married as a size 12 and the piled on the pounds with 2 pregnancies - which were worth it for my 2 gorgeous babies

i was watching supersize kids last night and really felt for the 6 year old girl who weighs 6+ stone and is wearing age 13y clothes

im hoping that my new attitude to food wil rub off on the girls so they never go through weight issues of any kind
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I will be a yummy mummy!
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I was quite big at the age of 6-8 but then slimmed down again, being a size 10 at 15, then gradually crept up to a 12-14 at 18

I was a 12-14 when I met my hubby at 19 then it started creeping up so I was a 16 when I got married in 2006 and an 18 for the last couple of years.

I'm hoping to get back to a 12-14 as I was really happy with my shape when I was leaving school and just going into uni... I'm not really sure what weight I need to be to acheive this as never weighed myself at that age, so my target is a bit of a guess
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i have been over weight since i was 10,the biggest i ever got was 18 stone and that was about 6 yrs ago and i vowed i will never go that big again
Apparently I got big when I was about 5, and I just didn't stop! I went on a massive diet when I was 15 and managed to get down to a 14/16, and that's the smallest I've ever been.
S: 9st11lb C: 8st9lb G: 8st9lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 1st2lb(11.68%)
After I'd had my daughter 18 years ago I slowly gained weight & was happy with my size until I reached 38 & didn't want to be fat @ 40, so I lost weight & stayed like that for a few years, but then the weight was just ever so slowly getting back on. I joined SW in Feb 09 & haven't looked back:D
I've been overweight all my life...
I used to hide crisp packets at 13 and binge on chocolate in my room at 1-2 in the morning...

I remember being 14 and buying 4 cheeseburgers a day at school for lunch..

I had a really unhealthy relationship with food...


S: 19st3lb C: 18st1.5lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 1st1.5lb(5.76%)
I watched that to and found myself getting more and more angry at the mother (not the one you are talking about) who was completely in denial about her weight and her daughters :eek: and let her have the operation

I was a chunky kid I wouldnt say fat. I did lose 3 stone in weight when i was a teenager.

By the time I had my 3 rd child I was up to 13 stone but lost it all :D Then after 5 years of upset and misery I was up to my heaviest ever 20 stone 5 lbs that was last November.

I have now lost 5 stone + and never ever intend to do this to myself ever again.


Finally a size 12!
I piled on the pounds when i was 12 and had a strong dose of steriods pumped into me due to asthma i got so down about it my mum and dad would cheer me up with yup u guessed it sweets, choc, take outs, i dont blame them they didnt know, been as big as a 22 when i was 18, lost 3 stone with LT and got down to a 10 now im a 14 but on 1 stone in 2 years so not bad but i wanna change my way of eating not just lose weight xxx


staying positive
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i've always been a little bigger than "normal" since leaving primary school. i wasnt really picked on at school as i had a good group of friends although there was the odd comment (esp from boys). when i went to college at 16 i was a size 14 and i slowly went up to a 16-18 where i've stayed for the last 14 years. even when i had my daughter i didnt put on any weight. i've been at my heaviest at around 13 stone 2 lbs but im now at 11 stone 11 lbs and just joined SW to see what lifes like on the "other side" :). I want to lose around 3 stone to get my down to between 8.5 and 9 stones which would be healthy for my size, plus i want my 2 year old to grow up knowing about the food choices she can make and about healthy food. did anyone watch the show on channel four the other night featuring Jamie Oliver? he was in america trying to change a schools eating habits (kids are young as 5 were eating pizza for breakfast) :(


Silver Member
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good thread !. The smallest i can ever remember being is a 14 but i wasn't there long, have always been a 16 and been quite happy i'm quite tall so i never really bothered.. Until i had my son ! and went droopy lol.. krept up to a 18/20 and would love to be in 12/14 thats my goal relaly dont want to be really think just more comfortable.
as a child i always noticed my belly tho ! but looking back at photo's it wasn't at all bad ! lol
S: 18st13lb C: 18st13lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 41.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
:DI was always a bit tubby, my mum sent me to ww at age 16/17 and i then got a very unhealthy relationship with food and began a yoyo dieting binge cycle.

Qualitybrit - i did the same binging on choc and crisps and hiding the wrappers :(
i was a 12 when i started ww at that young age! why did i do it? i often wonder if i hadnt started that would i have had the struggles i have had?

over my early 20s i went from 12 to 14 to 16 and then at 24 got down to a 12 to get married and weighed 11st at 5ft8 i put on 6 stone with first preg! :whistle::whoopass:Then lost 4st of that and fell preg again and gained that 3st back again :sigh: i tried hard and lost 2 stone but then....

a few months ago started getting funny symptoms and was putting on 3 pounds a week despite dieting went to gps and finally got diagnosed with prolactinoma. was shocked at my weight and here i am :D

i was also shocked on that programme about the mums attitude to her daughter who has the same name as me! i thought she took the decision to have surgery and for her daughter to have it too far too lightly xx
S: 15st12lb C: 14st11lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 1st1lb(6.76%)
I've always been big, I remember being a size 16 when I was 16 and then an 18 - 20 at uni, got down to a 14 at 1 point on ww but it didn't last long. poor self image, bad relationship with food, big parents, mum always on a diet etc. my c was talking about choice this week and the choices we make all week, it really struck a chord with me. am I choosing to be big?
S: 18st13lb C: 18st13lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 41.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Heather - i know what your saying having suffered with low confidence too but i think if you were choosing to be big you wouldnt be here hunny :grouphugg: i dont always make the right food choices but i think if i was choosing to be big i would have stopped tryin to lose weight by now. Im choosing to be healthy and happy, thats why im here xx
S: 8st13lb C: 9st0lb G: 8st10lb BMI: 23.8 Loss: -0st1lb(-0.8%)
I was slim as a child and as a teenager - but leaving home at 19 to move in with my ex-husband was the start of unhappy times and the start of 'emotional' eating for me.
It is quite shocking to see photos of me aged 19 and then again aged 20 - probably about 2-3 stones difference.
I've had times in my adult life when I've lost weight and kept it off, only to put it back on again when stress hit (divorce....that type of thing).
This time is different - I know that I have a much healthier attitude to food and a real awareness about the damage that I had been causing to myself - for that reason alone, I can't rate Slimming World highly enough.
Also - I have young children/teenager - I need to help them to avoid the mistakes that I made.
Great thread - thank you. x

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