Have you ever tried making cakes without licking your fingers?


Nice and Normal
I just thought I'd make some fairy cakes for my nieces as I was bored and it's almost impossible to get them in the cake cases without getting a bit of mixture of your fingers! And then my knee-jerk reaction is to lick it off. Somehow I managed to resist. And then, it seemed criminal pouring water into the bowl without someone finishing off the excess. I guess Delia must manage somehow.

Since doing CD, I haven't really had to cook because I haven't got any children and my BF just takes care of himself when I'm abstaining. I can really sympathise if you are following CD and have to cook for the family, it must put real temptation in your path.
I made cakes with my daughter and her 2 friends that I was babysitting one night....oh, and we made cookies as well.....was bloody hard work not licking my fingers too!!! And not testing them to make sure they were alrite!!
Hi Lottie,

I had cooked practically every day and then in July I went off it for the first time in my life and husband said he would cook for himself:eek: :rolleyes:

Now last week he said he looks forward to coming home to cook as he finds it so relaxing:rolleyes: :confused: :eek: ....Gordon Ramsey and Jimmie Oliver and of course my favourite Anthony all have had made an impression on him...but it took Nigela to get him interested in the first place...if she licked a finger or a spoon once she did it a thousand times...

Wish these particular tv entertainers had been on years ago...

So licking is a part of cooking...

I no longer cook, well not often.:p

Love Mini xxx
Thats a really tough one but as I usually end up eating most of the mixture when baking , it has been extra otugh for me whils SSing.
I did wonder if when I was a "grownup" I wouldn't want to eat cake mix but I still do, does that mean I am not a grownup yet?? If so good!!!
Yes, may be it is a throw-back to our child-hoods? It was always a treat at my nans house.

I just put them into tins ready to take out of the house before they cause any damage!

They do look nice (I was trialing for my wedding cakes), but I really don't fancy one. It's wierd the way your cravings change.

You don't want cake Kirstin, you fancy a lovely shake...
Much rather lick! oops was going to get rude then.
Seriously though when I cooked on SS it was hard to start with but then you get used to it. Its a bit like smoking really its a habit thing wonce you break the habit you don't do it again.
Now i have to make myself taste my cooking to check it rather than have to cook extra to make up for all the samples i tried.
It's such a natural reaction & easy to do without even realising you're doing it. When I SS'd hubby did the cooking for him & our daughter, which was a relief, but on one occasion my parents came up for the weekend & I made a Beef Bourginion (sp??) & not tasting it was soooo difficult, but I knew if I tried the smallest amount I'd end up scoffing the lot!
You don't want cake Kirstin, you fancy a lovely shake...
who you trying to kid? LOL:eek: :D ;) :D ;) :D

I've not baked yet but have promised to provide my usual 150 odd fairy cakes for the Christmas bazaar!! Think that the dog will get even fatter as I'd rather he have the bowl.. OR I could douse it in pepper and coffee!

I don't have a problem with cooking per se.. in fact I like cooking even more at the moment - wonder if it's because I can handle food and prep it.. and smell it.. the only thing I can't do is eat it.. but I can taste it through smell and I like that! (as my mate will tell you after I sniffed her salt and vinegar crips packet in the pub!!) :rolleyes: :eek: