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Have you ever?.....


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Was going to say don't -they'll do just that :-(
According to what I understand you need to drink them as soon as possible after they are mixed, otherwise the nutrients begin to break down - plus they are horrid if left too long
Hope that helps
Andrea x

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YUKKY ....i made one a few weeks back and then got side tracked by something and forgot i had made it...Pure filth after just 45 mins..even the dog wouldnt touch it and he loves to try and eat my stinky breath lol xx
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Thanks,am going to make them fresh when required from now on : )

was interesting to see though,wonder if that's what happens inside your stomach when you drink them? I guess the watery part just goes straight through you and the more solid stuff is the "foody" part? i don't know!!!
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The breath thing bothers me,i don't have a husband/partner to tell me if my breath is pongy so i get a tad paranoid!!


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My breath has been rancid for past few weeks.

Dreading my dental appointment next week
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thing is,cleaning your teeth prob doesn't cure it because i imagine the smell comes from the throat?


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When I was on LT we were told that the shakes must be comsumed within 15 mins otherwise they lose nutrients, I am presuming that exante would be roughly the same?
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I carry the breath stips on me at all time,s you are allowed to have those, these can be bought from the pharmasist, and the only mouth wash you are allowed to use is the listerine original antibacterial one. Brush your tongue too :)

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