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having a bad day :(

Everyone has the odd blip chick, honest :)

Trick is to accept it, there's nothing you can do about it now. A couple of deep breaths and another litre :) x
Hi Jude,

We all have blips, its only natural. Just focus on what you want to look like at goal weight and all the health benefits that will come with it.

You'll find you will feel way way way better if you over come the blip rather than give in to it.

This forums really good and full of supportive people that give really good advice so always come on here when you need to let of steam have another blip etc

Chin up hun. Tomorrow is another day


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sweet heart you have done so so well you should be very proud of yourself , one bad day is nothing compared to all the good days you will have to come good luck sweetheart just expect it and move forward i would xxxxx chin up
Having a blip today. Pls help pple, words of encouragement wld b most appreciated. Really down :( Jude.
you've had a blip, get back on track now and live with it as you will learn. don't stress about it. it's done. :D


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draw a line under it
there l 've done it for you :D
and start back straight away drinks plenty to help flush we all have days like these, back on the wagon hun :D
Ah thanks guys. Annoyed wi self, been in bed since 7pm to stop the damage from growing! Drinkin lots too. If I've knocked myself out of ketosis, when will it show on a ketostik?? I.e. if I check tom morn wld I know then? Thanks guys. P.s. will I gain weight now? Or sts? Xxx


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Depends how much you ate and what you ate. If you ate lots of carby things (bread, biscuits, chocolate), then yes, you're probably out of ketosis. But that doesn't matter.

What matters is that you stop sabotaging yourself hun. You might've noticed that a lot of us keep referring to Beck (she's an expert in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - have a google when you've got a mo).

The thing is, dieting isn't meant to be easy. If it was easy, none of us would've got overweight in the first place!

It comes down to a pretty stark choice... Eat what you want and stay overweight OR stick to your diet and get slim. You can't have it both ways (I really wish you could!)

Chin up hun - and climb back aboard the wagon tomorrow. Write yourself a list of all the reasons you want to get slim - and look at your list as often as you can, especially when you feel like eating something you shouldn't.

Ok just weighed in and have sts still minus ten pounds :) phew x
It has been quite difficult for me lately to get back into ss,some days I do it and then the next daya just have a blip,wich is no good for the diet.But yesterday when I left the gym,running to the nursery to pick up my daughter(she has a tummy bug and has been quite not herself lately,I tought she was feeling better so Isend her but she wasn't) a friend of mine that I haven't seen since saw me .She was stun!Told me that I look really good,that I look ten years younger and that the diet is doing really good to me.Later on in the afternoon a recived a message,it was her asking me for my cdc number so she can give it a go.
What I'm trying to say is that you have loose over a stone already,and even that there is more to go,feel proud that you have get where you are,that you will feel good when people coment on your changes and even if they slow down on or two days you will see a big drop the next day.

Cheer up and you can always post a picture here so we can tell you how stunnig you are.
P.S-If you look to my stats we are the same weight at the moment so we can challenge eachother to get to goal asap.

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