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Having a really bad day... :(


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Well, WI this morning was awful. I've gained 1 1/2lbs since last week. I knew I hadn't lost, but gained?!?! wtf?!? :mad::cry::cry:
I haven't done anything different this week. After my loss last week I really thought I'd cracked it, now I'm really on the verge of throwing in the towel.

So I went on to work and had a little cry in the toilets.:sigh:

THEN....I got a phone call from my best friend who had her 21 week scan today. She was in floods of tears. The baby has an extra digit on one foot, and may have an extra finger on each hand too (bubs wasn't cooperating with the sonographer!) There may also be a problem with it's kidney function. She has to go for an emergency scan next Tuesday to our regional hospital (not our local one!) to have a more in-depth scan so they know better what they're dealing with.
I'm gutted for her. She has 2 girls, and this one was a surprise (she's an 'older' mum) and she is terrified there'll be something more serious than an extra finger or toe show up (if that makes sense? Thats pretty bad, but can be 'fixed' if necessary? She's terrified its a sign theres an underlying cause like downs or something.
So that put my weight woes into perspective for a bit.:wave_cry:
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Hi Irishmum

I must admit not sure what to say, but just wanted to offer a bit of support. Sorry to hear about your gain. I know you posted the other day saying you felt you wont lose.

Try and maybe look back on how far you have come and that you are doing really well. I dont know enough to even give you any tips...sorry about that,,but really thinking and feeling for you.

I hope your friend is ok too and I am sure you will be a great support for her. Will keep everything crossed that the scan comes back positive. Keep us all posted though.

Again, sorry I dont have any magic answers...

Take care


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sending a big virtual hug across the water to you.

what a day. thoughts are with your friend of course and i do hope that nothing more serious shows up at a future scan. As you say, although the extra digit/s in itself are distressing for the parents, they can be sorted.

let yourself be upset - you have every right and i know i would be gutted and in tears too.

you've had a rough time with LT, BUT maybe next week you'll get another really good loss like last week. I know you've had second thoughts more than once, so maybe - for your happiness and peace of mind then some serious re-thinking is needed. you have lost a good amount of weight on LT, but maybe it's not for you. speaking just for myself if it made me miserable to do it then personally i think it's not the right way to diet for me.

but like i saym you never know what's going to happen next week - you've obviously retained water this week which should all go next week. then again, that's another week of being patient and wondering if it's the right diet.

sorry, no help but i wanted to let you know that we're all here for you in the good times and crap.


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Hiya, just wanted to offer support. Hope it works out for your friend.
Just think if you were not on LT how much weight you could have put on this week.
Don't throw in the towel, you must be retaining water. It will be better next week and just look how far you have come. Almost 2 stone off, which is great in 10 weeks. Another other food diets would have taken longer. You are doing brilliant on getting the weight off.


A little of everything!
S: 12st13lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 1st13lb(14.92%)
I know in my heart I would never have lost this weight without LT. I am finding it quite easy to do, my only 'problem' is social occasions- parties, weddings, meals with my hubby etc. They're not a problem as such- I'm just avoiding them as much as possible!
I just thought that now I'd finally beaten my 'picking' demons, and sorted out my fluid intake, that I'd lose like all you other lt-ers? After last weeks WI I was floating on air...this week I'm back to earth with a bump. :wave_cry:

PS- My friend just rang back, she's calmed down a little, and I've printed off loads of info on extra digits to reassure her that whatever happens, it'll be okay. She has loads of support, she just needs to let it sink in. It's just such a shock. Poor pet.


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Aw irish!!!! :hug99: i dont really know what to say and i am stummped as to why you have put on if you have been on it fully! :( xxxxxxxxx

**BIG HUGS** :hug99: And one for your friend to :hug99:
S: 14st5lb C: 10st11lb G: 11st5lb BMI: 27.6 Loss: 3st8lb(24.88%)
Hi Irishmum, I know you feel really down, :raincloud: in fact you are really angry, :badmood: and you feel like :giveup: BUT....you have nearly shifted 2 stone and I really dont think any other diet would have given you these results. You haven't got long to do now, another 15 lbs....we are all behind you and want to give you a :hug99: I pray that your friend's baby will be born healthy, my first grandchild is 12 weeks away, and thats all I wish for as well.


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Hi Irishmum,
So sorry that you have had a gain this week, it must be so annoying when you have stuck to it 100%. Just to ask how much fluid are you having as just water, not tea/coffee? Just wondering if you are including tea or coffee in you fluid intake are you having more of them than pure water ? Possibly clutching at straws but thought it may be worth asking.
In regards to your friend, pregnancy can be such a fraught time, without complications, I hope all will go well for her and that any problems will be sorted soon.
Take care


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Oh Dear! Sorry you've had a disappointing one IM! As you say your friend's distress put things into perspective but you're entitled to feel somewhat miffed all the same. I know how I'd have felt if that had happenend to me after a 100% week!
Try to hang on in there if you can. The worst thing you could do now would be to pack in and pig out. You could easily do sooo much damage.
I bet next week will see you right!!

Good Luck xx

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