Head Games for your Body : Biggest Loser Inspiration!


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Head Games for Your Body
Bob Harper shows you how to get your brain in shape

Changing mentally is the first step towards changing physically. We all know this. And yet, when it comes to making that crucial change, many of us falter.

Biggest Loser Club trainer Bob Harper says, "I think that the main thing that my contestants don't realize at first are their capabilities and strengths, that they can do this."

"They've got to overcome the mentality that got them there in the first place. Then later, I start to hear them say, 'I cannot believe what I'm capable of now. I can't believe what you've shown me," he says.

How to do it Bob's way:

1. Just do it

Taking action is the first step. So start eating right, add some fruits and veggies. Sign up for that aerobics class. "The moment you start doing it, the moment you make that choice, that's when you start to feel the difference. You carry yourself differently. Once you fully commit, you're there."

2. Little lies

"If this all feels hard at first, then fake it till you make it!" In other words, telling yourself that you can do something, can help you do it. So tell yourself to add on another 10 minutes of cardio. Tell yourself you love your veggies. Be your own cheerleader.

As Bob says, "You're going to come out shining!"
Nicely said Bob!! :)