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Head lice!!!!


Will be thin god dammit!!
My 6 year old daughter has bottom length blonde hair which is gorgeous but over the last 3 or 4 months im fighting a losing battle with head lice! :mad:
I have used Hedrin about 6 times, conditioner and the comb method too.
I tie her hair in a bun to keep it out of the way but either im not getting rid of them or she is getting them back as i know its a real problem in school at the moment.:cry:
Ive just ordered a 'Nitty Gritty' comb that a friend recommended but wondered if any of you had any tips please!
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tHE ONLY THING i FOUND WORKED WAS DERBAC M.A nurse told me to leave it on overnight and then use the comb method to make sure nothing else had hatched.I didnt like usung cos of the chemicals but it meant I hardly ever had to use it. The non chemical ones didnt seem to do the job. Welsh nits are always strong!!!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Thanks Louise - I might give this a try then, the pharmacist keeps telling me Hedrin is best but it isnt working :(


Will be thin god dammit!!
Cheers hun - when i get my new comb thats my plan x
I used the conditioner and comb method. My son was 6 and had really thick curly hair and I was mortified. I put the conditioner on straight to dry hair and combed every inch. i also used the chemical alt of choice as this changes in cycles. I read this morning that mayo is supposed to be good. This was in the Scottish Daily Express.


Will be thin god dammit!!
Hope it was extra light mayo Daisy! ;)


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Is Hedrin the one that suffocates them? I can't quite remember... But anyway, whichever the one is that suffocates them is the one I used and it was fabulous, you could see the dead mites drop out of the hair. Yuk really. Tea tree shampoo is fabulous as a deterrent, but it has to be pure tea tree oil and not a synthetic alternative--look at local health food shops. I made my own aromatherapy shampoo with tea tree, grapefruit, and geranium, worked a treat to deter them once we had got rid of them. And my friend swore by Vosene.

Good luck!


Will be thin god dammit!!
Thanks Sally - yeah Hedrin is that one you mentioned
I will certainly look into the tee tree oil thanks x
I plait my daughters hair and spray it with tea tree mixed in with water and touch wood *taps head* we have avoided them so far.


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I have blummin welsh nits here too...
Took me forever to get rid of my daughters, treated with everything under the sun. i basically comed through with nitty gritty comb every night till they were gone. I used oil not conditioner, my daughters hair fine but has a lot of it, and oil got rid of the eggs better.
Now i nitty grttiy come her hair on a sunday and wednesday so if she does get any they dont have time to lay and hatch.
Putting her hair up this morning and found a batch of eggs no crawlers though have combed her hair through tonight before they have chance to hatch and will continue for the next couple of nights just to make sure.
They are such a pain in the bum!!!


Will be thin god dammit!!
ah good good - so the nitty gritty comb works then - thanks mcv x
Some really good tips here!
One thing that someone told me, is that once you have removed the eggs (I used lashings of conditioner and one of those 'lifetime' combs), is that when they go to school, spray their hair with a fine layer of hairspray as apparently it limits the risk of lice transferring from one head to another.
Also, I always stripped their beds and washed on a hot cycle (60 degrees +).
Good luck and we've all been there - I once had my daughter sent home from nursery school with them - soooo embarrassed!!!


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Another vote for the Nitty Gritty comb here - fabulous (available on prescription here for persistent cases). Get the nits and eggs every time.

Hedrin never worked for us, nor did nice and clear or lyclear or any of the others. Really the only method that did was tea tree shampoo and conditioner (Boots) and wet combing every 3 days religiously. A little extreme, but my hairdresser swears by hair dye too! (you could use a wash in / out one if you're tempted?).
We also now use the AVON kids de-tangling spray which so far has been a godsend - no more nits (touch wood).

Good luck hon - I wish all children had conscientious Mummies like us then there would be NO NITS!!!!

:) xx
the only solution i ever found worked 100% was called Suleo M, its a potent strong solution but the lice literally drop out dead as you put it on....
Used hedrin last time my middle child got them and itseems to have done the job
Go to www.chc.org ( community health council)

they sell bug buster kits and they are the best thing I have ever used. They are becomming immune to hedrin,the wet combing with conditioner works because the lice stay still when wet and the conditioner make the hair slippery so they cant hang on, Doin this every 2-3 days so you catch the young as they hatch and before they have chance to mate,really is the only way and it takes up to 2 weeks to break the life cycle. Then you do need to check once a week or so for new imports !!

the bug buster combs have angled teeth so they miss NOTHING.

I'm afraid headlice do seem to be an occupational hazzard of being a child,and its worth remembering that whilst they're not nice they dont actually do the child any harm.

i work at a school and this is the best method. ( and by the way teatree oil does not deter them its a myth)

Ok lesson over and good luck:)
hi there i'm hairdresser & found over the years of helping people with this problem & all different lotions potions on market hedrin is great, with no odour or harsh chemicals to worry about but it can be expensive on very long hair. lather it on well massarging right down to the scalp &then right thru all hair, then go through all hair small section by section with a nit comb & hair clip, after each comb through, wipe comb off onto kitchen roll as you comb out all egg cases stuck in the hair you will also be able to see any lice & eggs after each combing. leave it on over night or the full 8 hrs then wash off. Apply a deep conditioner on the hair preferably with some tea tree oil mixed into it if you have some, lather it all thru hair, nit comb through again then wrap hair in cling film all round head, if possible sleep with it on then rinse off in morning. do same again wash, deep condition, nit comb through, cling film over it all round head, sleep init, rinse in morning for four nights. Each time you should notice less and less in the nit comb till its completely dead louse and egg free. Apply hedrin again same way on 7th day to kill any eggs that may have hatched after first treatment. deep condition with tea tree added at least once a week, cling film & leave on for few hours this will help keep head lice at bay in future. white vinegar rinsed through hair also helps release any white egg cases from hair, its acts on glue that lice release to stick eggs to hair. the white eggs stuck along the shaft of hair are actualy the empty egg cases they turn white when lice hatch out of them. A nit comb is great for getting rid of absolutely everything the lice, eggs, and empty egg cases called nits. Mayonaise is good but a large tub of TRESEMME deep conditioner is more economical & smells alot nicer :) tea tree oil added to it is optional but v.good. Hope this helps as i know it can be such a pain to get this sorted once and for all but this really does work and leaves the hair in lovely shiney condition too :)


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OP, like your daughter my girly has extremely long hair, to the extent she can sit on it. Before we emigrated to Oz, she had lice and we tried so many different ways to get rid of them but they always came back. We then apparently brought some illegal immigrants into Australia with us, either that or she became infested with them again after we got here .... anyway a product they sell here is KP24 and that wiped them out in one dose. Well we applied it one week and again a week later and we haven't seen another one for the last 3 years! If your nit comb thingo doesn't work, I'd be happy to get some and send it over to you if you need it. Headlice are truly the work of the devil :8855:

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