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Head pain

I've been having head pains for the next 2 days, I've drank advil, ibuprofen but nothinggg. It won't go away, it's above my eyes I have pain. It's not likely a headache but more than a head pain. May Cambridge cause this? I've but cold ice on my head, nothinggg......menthol nothingg as well. It's still there...what can I do?:confused:
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one of the biggest causes of headaches is dehydration , are you drinking enough water ?? as we dont get much water in the 'ffod ' we eat like a normal diet .. you really do need to drink a lot to stop getting dehydrated .

also what day are you on ?? if you have only just started CD it is possible you have sugar and carb withdrawl which can also cause headaches but this should go within the first 4-7 days

I hope you manage to get rid of it :(
I've been drinking at least 3 liters of water, I'm now on week 13....I've never had this before the first days that I've started the diet.


hoping for a good loss
Sounds like sinuses to me chick. You have some sinuses running above your eyes. Might just be a bit of sinusitis. If it doesn't clear in a few days get it checked out at gp you might need antibiotics
I dont know.....may be. Never had this pain before..
I think it is....it's right above my two browbones till the middle of my head. I've tried some over the counter medications, none of them worked. And I've got a docters appointment monday, so I hope this weekend the pain there won't overgrow.

Some people say it's because I dont eat, I have this. That I have to eat something, but I don't feel like eating at all and I'm not hungry and I'm doing so well with the dieet. I'm not going to screw it up with food or worst food that will take me out of ketosis. But I hope it is sinusis. I have rhinitis, in my nose. And once I had one similar kind in my mouth, it was sooo painfull I couldn't eat. I hope it's nothing serious.
And if it is not sinusis, could I drink bouillion soup to see if it goes away maybe? Any kind of bouillion soup, they don't sell that with the Cambridge version USA which I'm on!!
I would say that there is a tendency for people to attribute health problems to CD and that these are problems that would have come along anyway regardless, so it's always important to get them checked.

My first thought was exactly the same as Deteminator - dehydration, until I found out that you'd be doing the diet for such a long time. So I would not attribute the problem to your diet. Good luck with the doctor on Monday.
Sorry, didn't respond to last bit. Don't think boullion is likely to help the matter from what you've said. I would stop being too concerned about what people say. CD is a safe way to lose weight followed correctly.
See the doctor and then go from there. In the meantime if you have any essential oil they sometimes help, although whether it's the oil or the massage that helps I don't know. You can take the oil and rub it into your temples. Things like eucalyptus are fantastic for sinuses and so is rosemary and peppermint. If you have sensitive skin put it with a carrier oil, or any moisturiser and simply rub it into your skin or inhale it.
I've suffered from tonsilitus, laryngitus and sinusitus and find those oils really help. No longer have tonsils, but still get the occasions bung up and I snore a lot.


hoping for a good loss
How is your head? What did the doc say?

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