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Do any of you get headaches on this diet? I keep waking up with a headache that lasts alllllll day. It's not a dehydration one because I'm drinking a lot of water and all I can think is it's related to this diet somehow? In a normal day I eat:
B: Special K and soy milk
a banana
L: sweet potato with hummus and some veg
an apple
D: whole wheat pasta and a roasted veg sauce
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I get headaches alot too :( not nice! I got thembefore but evenmore so since I have been on this diet,never thought of it before! but it could be dehydration with me, i often dont drink enough! nothing shifts mine when its here either x


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I wish I could figure it out because they're so painful!!

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I was going to suggest more water but that's clearly not the case :D

I note from your start date that you've only been on your diet for a week or so. Could the headaches be something to do with your body adjusting to the new diet/ridding itself of toxins? I seem to recall that when I first started I had a week or two of my body feeling out of kilter, I think I was sweating quite a bit and had stomach cramps and headaches. I put it down to my body de-toxing an it soon went.


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I guess it could be, I'm a vegan so the only reason I've put on so much weight is because I was eating enormous portions and baking pretty much every day so eating cake all day every day! Could it be not having sugar anymore is causing it? I think I might go to the doctor. I did a little googling and other people said it's happened to them on a low cal diet because they've gone too low, not eating enough. It's getting really annoying, painkillers don't seem to work!


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No I never drink tea or coffee or coke. I was thinking it could be the sugar, I was a sugar ADDICT! And now the only sugar I'm having is in fruit. I just had a bigger lunch than I have been having normally and a couple more snacks and it seems to be going away, maybe that's what it is, not enough cals! Bloody diets!

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