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Healthy Eating vs Dieting


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Hi any readers,
C'mon, lets get this little forum going. I made the decision a few months ago to give up dieting. it was a tough one, and I put on about 8lbs, but it solved a lot of issues for me. I stopped overeating/binging/obsessing about food/compulsive eating. The trouble I had was that I gained about 8lbs on top of what I was already carrying. I just couldnt do this "eat what you like" anymore. Something clicked within me, and I suddenly realised that I wanted to live. I wanted to strenghten my body, get fit, eat healthier foods, and get to grips with my life.
So, on the 3rd of March, I joined a gym, and then about 4 weeks ago i started to watch what I was eating, and am tentively counting calories, just til I get acustomed to what Im eating.
I have an appointment with a consultant in October to see about a breast reduction, so I have to get my BMI down, but apart from that, I am starting to really learn what foods suit me and what dont.
Its a way of life, and its starting to pull through. Im loving it,.

So, food today -
B - 2 brown soda bread with scraping of butter (actually ok in moderation, and probably better than artificially produced marges), scraping of jam.
S - plum, nectarine, banana
L - food doctor pitta, chicken breast, salad with ztaziki, and mixed salad with sprouts and seeds
S - 2 caramel rice cakes
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One day at a time
I'd definitely agree with your conclusions. Trouble with me is that I lost 4 1/4st a couple of years back by healthy eating (nothing banned as everything fine in moderation) but returned to comfort eating during a rough patch.
Now back to original weight and ready to apply the lessons learnt and continue the journey. :)

Your lunch sounds lovely, btw. ;)


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Hi Crumble,
Lets get this forum going eh. Thats what Im afraid - that little voice creeping back telling me that food will sooth me. Oh well, all I can do is keep at it.
Dinner - salmon steak, brussel sprouts and pasta with some sort of dressing.



One day at a time
Yep clarri, you're right - just keep plodding and learning as we go along. Gradually I'm gathering more insight into how I 'work' as most of us that have struggled with weight issues know that its the mind that we need to understand.
Lets face it, most of us are experts at calories, fat units, blah blah and know what we should eat. Sticking to it is the toughie. :rolleyes:

Meal today are:

2 x weetabix

Egg and cress mayo in whml seedy bread (once I've made it :p)

Cheesy lemon crusted cod with potato/onion layer and green veg & carrots.
(I normally love the potato layer with cream but I shall have it with a little milk and work my way down to stock but not yet - slowly does it. :D)

I shall snack on yoghurt with dried fruits and linseeds, pot of mixed fruits and pineapple when I need a little extra.

As its quite nice now I'm going to attempt some homemade lollies made from pineapple blitzed in the blender with its juices. Hope this will make a healthy treat for my family too as we're all trying to improve our health. :D


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Ooh Crumble,
That sounds absolutely delic. I love the sound of the pineapple lollies, please let me know how they turned out.
My food today -
B- 2 ww brown toast with sliced banana
S - fruit, ww cookies
L - pasta and tuna salad with lf yogurt dressing
S- more fruit, 2 rice cakes with cashew nut butter and sliced cuke
D - lf bolognaise sauce with salad (was going to have more pasta but will have had quite a lot).
S - lf yogurt,

Hope you have a good day.


One day at a time
Will def let you know how the lollies go today. ;)

Bananas on toast are one of my favourite breakfasts and I forgot. How dumb am I? :eek:
I got the tip to have them mashed on whml toast, lightly dusted with cinnamon (which I thought I hated!) and sprinkled with linseeds. Its really gorgeous and the cinnamon adds a lovely sweetness. The linseeds add a slight crunchiness and I know are good for us, just can't remember why. :eek:

Yikes, just seen the time, mum coming for day and I've not started the bread yet so better get my skates on.

Have a happy, healthy day. :D


One day at a time
Morning! :)

Lollies were really lovely and came out more of a sorbet type texture than a solid 'lickit' lolly. They were really refreshing and I'll be making those again.

I used 2 x 225g pots of fruit in juice and there was a fair bit left once I'd filled 4 lolly moulds so I'm going to mix the remaining pulp with natural yoghurt and freeze those up as lollies today. Lets see how they work!

Menu today is

Bacon, beans and slice of whml seedy bread

Chicken and avocado salad with steamed new potatoes (A lovely recipe off bbcgoodfood site)

One egg herby omelette with rocket salad

Need to get more fruit into my meals so I think I'll add some pineapple to the rocket salad and possibly some grapefruit to the lunchtime one.

Have a lovely sunny day everyone. :D


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Hi there im the same have done diets in the past and none of them suited me, so i just looked at the foods I enjoy eating and looked at which ones were healthy and have done meals with them. I am finding it very enjoyable and a lot easier to stick to because im not thinking great i've got bran flakes for breakfast or should I say cardboard hehe. I'm actually loving it and enjoying loosing weight and its my first week which I normally find the hardest due to lack of chocolate. I dont even want one its fantastic.:D


One day at a time
Hi kamwendo. :)
I enjoyed this way of losing weight before too because it seemed so simple.

I also realised that I was getting definite 'fancies' for certain foods, usually normal healthy stuff not treats. I really began to enjoy my food rather than just grazing all the time.
Just in this first week back on track I'm beginning to feel like that again. I realise how silly it was that I let myself get off course. :eek:

About the cardboardy bran flakes - I hated them in milk but became addicted to them with natural yoghurt, dried apricots, raisins, a sprinkling of broken walnuts and tiny, tiny drizzle of maple syrup over the top. Almonds were nice in place of the walnuts, too. :drool:
(no idea how I found this out because I refused to eat branflakes for years)
How annoying !! Just typed my introduction and its dissapeared into the ether.
Anyway Clarri knows me well. We gave up dieting at about the same time and i too have gained,but just cannot face getting on the diet 'treadmill' again,so am trying to eat healthily with one eye on the calories.


One day at a time
Hi MommyB :)

Have a definite fancy for cornish pasty today. Hardly a healthy fancy but I've decided to go with it and be indulgent.
As it's homemade I'll just make a cute little mini version and have masses of lovely steamed veg with it.

I've come to realise with me that if I fight real food urges it can be disastrious so much better to exercise common sense and limit the damage. :D

How are you all getting on with your healthy eating?
Definately a good idea i'm the same I dont say to myself I cant have something because you want it more. If your desperate for chocolate have 90% cocoa ones lot less fat and sugar and fills you quicker so you eat less. Like you say its reducing the damage.
Oh yes the minute I tell myself I cant have something I fancy i can think of nothing else, will eat my way thru the cupbaords and fridge before finally giving into the urge and then spending the rest of the day beating myself up over it. If i had just had it in the 1st place would've probably saved a weeks worth of calories LOL

Just had beans on whole meal toast for brekkie, think Ham salad baps for lunch ( i have a real craving for that for some reason) not sure about evening meal yet, Anyone have any exciting ideas for cauliflower and brocoli ? was thinking maybe a pasta and veg bake ?
pasta and veg bakes sounds good with a healthy low cal cheese sauce. actually that sounds really nice. see this is my problem i love food too much:8855:


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Hi guys,
The trouble with giving in to what you fancy is that it can have some recriminations. On Tuesday I fancied chocolate. (not a fan of the 90% one) so had a crunchie. That seemed to set off a major craving for carbs, and I gave in, had bread and butter, and not just one slice :eek:.
I am going to watch this again. I will be very interested if it was the choc, as I really hadnt had cravings for a long while, then, bam, there I went.
Better day yesterday, had
B - 1 slice toast and large banana
L - baked potato with quorn mince mix thing with veg, and a sprinkling of lf cheese
D - Had my Mum visiting, so did a healthy indian meal from a great cookbook I got, funnily enough called - Healthy Indian Cookery!!! I did Balti chicken with cumin and coriander, pilau rice and saag dhal, and an indian style fruit salad (strawberries, and 2 different melons with a honey and lemon dressing).
Twas delic. And a few glasses of red wine, but not feeling so great today, so glugging the water.
Today I have had 2 5grain slices toast, banana, small pat butter,
2 ww lemon cookies
L - possibly a chicken sambo
D - probably left over saag and pilau rice

Have a good day .xx
Hey clarri if you dont like 90% try one a bit lower, normal milk chocolate on most chocolate bars are only 30% cocoa. I also agree tho thats why i try and avoid as much as possible. glad todays been better.:D


One day at a time
I definitely believe there are trigger foods which might be different for each individual.
I've been almost studying myself and experimenting over the last 3 years and I've found some really interesting patterns.
Salty snacks, like crisps and peanuts can set me off, mainly the crisps.

Also I'm really open to suggestion - someone eating a meal on tv, seeing a bag of sweets or peanuts on the coffee table - anything like that and I'll reach for them.
I love my freezer because I divide and freeze in small portions anything that I think I might woof down. As I want instant gratification I can't abide the wait round while the micro defrosts it thing.
Hey thats a brilliant idea with the freezer never ever thought of that. I am the same with tvs tho its good now tho cos I dont have a tv because i cant get digital as i'm not on the ground floor so i use my internet to watch the programs I like on websites like bbc and itv. Its great because I get very few adverts yipee. My foods that set me off are chocolate, pistashioes and cashews dam they are nice.:D


One day at a time
Love cashews, too.:drool:

Tomorrows my weigh in morning and, as I'm very overweight, it would normally mean a good loss if I'd been good.

Not been so good. :( Had a couple of 'cupcake incidents' this week and I don't mean just one cupcake each time. :eek:

Still, I'm way past beating myself up about stuff like that. The first week to me is a settling down and getting myself organised week.
Planning and organisation - really is the key don't you think?

So away to meal plan for the next week and include some scrummy treats for when I feel like I'm about to hit the skids. :D

Menu today:

2x weetabix
Scrambled eggs on toast
Homemade salami pizza with rocekt salad

Must work some more fruit in there as not looking like my 5 a day achieved. Need to shop!

BTW, never heard of chicken sambo. Must go google. :D

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