Healthy Snacks!


The Diet Guy
Cannot recommend the Humdinger Apple Crisps enough!

They do them in Tesco and in a little pringles like tub.

They have only 67 calories in an entire tub, 99% fat free and really scrummy!!!

The only drawback is that they are 67p a tub which is quote pricey but they are great.

I can vouch for these. Yummy. I think they add to your 5 fruit and veg a day too. Expensive though.

Also try Alpen Light bars. Coop are doing them BOGOF at the moment. Quite different to normal cereal bars and they're really nice.

Under 60 cals a bar and loads of fibre :eek: 4-5 grams I think.
I am also a fan of Ryvita Mini's, the chilli ones are lovely and really filling (although again they are expensive at 47p a pack!)

Why is it that healthy means expensive!!
Yeah, it does seem unfair that healthy has to be expensive, should be the other way around! Musts try some of those suggestions.
The snack a jack chocolate things are lovely but yet again at £1.58 are expensive.

They are only 67 calories a cake but are 9.9% fat so I only have a couple of them at a time, they are a bit moreish though and I could see how you could suddenly have finished the lot.
Aha - I buy the Ryvita thingys when they're on a BOGOF - which they seem to be quite often up here! And they are YUMMY!
Tesco's do their own version of the jumbo caramel snack-a-jacks they are nice and a bit cheaper
Small packs of salt and vinegar snack a jacks when they are on a bogof or a btgof yummmmmmmmmmmmm

I also love packets of seeds from Julian Graves yummmmmmmmmm :)